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An Angler Fish Tricycle

While these look like they’d be perfect for Burning Man, they were actually created by Australian design collective Group D so they were instead presented at the Vivid Sydney Festival.I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to take a ride in one of these -but maybe that’s their evil plan for eating all [...]

The Perfect Graduation Photo

School’s over, yay! It’s on fire? Double yay! Actually, no – Graduates from China’s Dalian University of Technology City College in Lianing province looked like they were celebrating their school burning down, but actualy the smoke came from a burning warehouse [...]

From Lithium to Burnt Cauliflower in 3 Minutes

In this video, YouTube user nik282000 shows us what happens when lithium metal burns — in slow motion. Using a 300fps camera (10x slower than realtime) and a macro lans, we can see the process of lithium burning, passing through several bizarre phases until it resembles a hunk of charred cauliflower. Have a [...]

Things You’ve Always Wondered (But Not Enough to Actually Look Up)

Over the years we’ve gotten piles of great ideas from readers in emails that start like this: “I’ve always wondered about this, but never actually took the time to look it up…” That’s our sweet spot. If you’ve got any burning questions, leave a comment or shoot an email to If we’re able to answer [...]

Erupting Volcano Surrounded by Lightning

I’d expect to see the image above if I were watching, say, Transformers 4, and I would remark on its unrealistic quality. Red skies with burning lightening and a massive volcanic plume? Please. But the scene near Puyehue volcano in southern Chile played out exactly like this Monday afternoon; 3500 residents were evacuated following earthquakes and [...]

Manifestos Made Easy

Do you have a burning desire to start a powerful new movement, but can’t quite figure out how to concisely encapsulate your vision, ideals and goals to the world? Sure you do. Well fret no longer, Mr. Gonna-Shake-Up-the-World, because Kim Mok Copywriting has created an extremely useful new manifesto manifesto, which walks you step-by-step through the [...]

Skin Burning Tattoos

Skin burning tattoo Weird Painful or scarification is involves scratching, etching, or superficially cutting designs, pictures, or words into the skin as a permanent body modification. Scars are most often formed by cutting or branding the skin. I’m not sure I’d be up for this one, some of them seem pretty cool I guess if [...]