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Re-Grow Your Celery

That bunch of celery you bought at the grocery store? It might turn into an eternal supply of celery if you have any gardening luck at all. Cheryl at Chickens in the Road cuts off the bottom end of the whole bunch and plants it. The roots and stalks start regrowing immediately! It will grow a [...]

The Missing Links: GPS Candy Bars

How Do You Save A Bunch of Superheroes? Find out who rescued Marvel Comics. * What Happened to Good Old Golden Tickets? When we start putting GPS devices in our candy bars, I think we’ve gone too far. * Behold: The World’s Lowest Voice Get this man in a barbershop quartet immediately. * Do You Know What You Know? Test out [...]

Accio Comfort and Warmth!

Jennifer Ofenstein likes to make Harry Potter quilts and she even sells them at her Etsy shop. This one might just be the best of the bunch, but it’s hard to decide with so many other options out there -we’ve even featured her quilts before. Link via Geek Crafts

The Artistic TARDIS Project

Years ago, a bunch of artists painted Darth Vader helmets, creating a variety of unique designs. For those that prefer Doctor Who over Star Wars, you might want to check out the new project that features a variety of painted classic British call boxes. Granted, they might not actually be TARDISes, but they certainly look close [...]

Toys Photographed In Humorous Situations

Ryan Roberts likes to set up humorous situations with toys then shoots a bunch of pics of the scene, like a guy who wasn’t allowed to play with toys looking to exact revenge via photographic playtime. His series is like the photo version of the stop motion TV series Robot Chicken, and is sure to appeal [...]


Want to look at a bunch of pictures of Navy SEALS in training? In a world where enemies who agree to wear black hats are hard to come by, the military and President Obama have begun to lean on the highly trained, whip-smart services of elite Special Forces units. While other budgets are shrinking, funding for [...]

The Grapes of Wrath

This photo is actually named Bunch of Winers. Tom Magliery used Wite-Out and a Sharpie to give these fruits their personalities. See a collection of a variety of funny fruits from many artists at Kuriositas. Link -via the Presurfer (Image credit: Flickr user mag3737)

Anamorphic Medusa

Just a bunch of random squiggles on walls, you say? Just wait till you find the right perspective from on this artwork by design studio Truly Design, and you’ll see something so stunning it may just turn you [...]

Pumpkins Inspired By Classic Books & Writers

We’ve featured a bunch of pumpkin carvings for Halloween so far, but Flavorwire’s literary collection definitely has some of the most highbrow jack-o-lantern designs we’ve seen so far. Link

Pizza-Flavored Fake Pizza

It looks like a pizza and is made from a bunch of pizza-flavored ingredients, but it certainly isn’t a pizza and almost definitely tastes nothing like a pizza. This “meta-pizza”is made from Pizza Supreme Doritos, Pizza Pringles, Flavor Blasted Xplosive Pizza Goldfish Crackers, Pepperoni Pizza flavored Combos and Pizza-flavored Tribe hummus. Yummy? I’m not so [...]