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Speed violinist voted fastest human on Earth

Violinst Ben Lee has gained the title after playing Flight of the Bumblebee at 15 notes per second. The accolade was awarded as part of the series “Su…

Custom Made Bumblebee TRON Crossover Figure

Tron X Bumblebee from Transformers = one amazingly cool custom action figure! It’s called “Rage Over Cybertron Bumble Bee” and if crossover figures, like this one made by figure modder Ammra, had been released when I was a wee lad I would have moved heaven and hell to get my hands on one! Link  –via Obvious Winner

Little Mermaid Rat Costume

Your rat will be sooooo embarrassed if you make him dress up as a bumblebee again. This year, for Halloween, try this mermaid costume by etsy seller Nat. It’s available in three sizes, so be sure to measure your rat before ordering. Link -via The Mary Sue

2000 Pound Transformers Bumblebee Camaro Pastry Created by "Cake Boss"

This is some great viral marketing for the new Transformers movie, but it’s still really cool. The team from “Cake Boss” created a replica of the Bumblebee – Camaro Transformer out of cake. After all that work I can’t imagine anyone actually eating it; plus it might fight back. See full clip at the link. Link