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Bulldog Loves His Baby Boars

(Video Link) What do you do when you’re left with abandoned wild baby boars? You ask your adorable little French bulldog to lend a hand to help socialize and care for them. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Bulldog Laplander Hat

Bulldog Laplander Hat – $14.95 (front and back shown) Fall is coming and Neatorama is going to the dogs. Behold the Bulldog Laplander hat from the NeatoShop. This great adult-sized knit hat, with applique details, looks like an adorable French Bulldog. It is perfect for keeping chills at bay. Who let the dogs out? We let the dogs [...]

The Bulldog: Dog-Breeding Gone Wrong

Bulldogs sure are endearing, and bulldog lovers may love their pets to death, literaly. You see, bulldogs are bred to look that way, and the lengths that people are willing to go to get [...]

Costumes From the Tompkins Square Parade

New York’s Tompkins Square Dog Parade is the biggest dog costume contest on earth and this year’s participants certainly did not fail to disappoint. You can enjoy 50 pictures from this year’s event over at BuzzFeed, but my personal favorite is this Bulldog of Frankenstein. Link

A Police Horse & A Bulldog Meeting

(Video Link) Potato is a great name for a bulldog, and it’s also a delicious snack…which might just be why this horse can’t keep his mouth off of the little guy. Link

Bulldog Loves Skateboarding

YouTube Link In 2007, Tillman the bulldog amazed the world with his video of him riding a skateboard around a park, just as naturally as you please. Apparently the dog is still refining his moves, via Tony Hawk’s video game. (Obviously, he’s not playing the game, but he’s definitely into it.) More videos of Tillman snowboarding, [...]