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George Washington and Adolf Hitler Riding Dinosaurs: The Combat Game

Jurassic President. It’s a game that doesn’t exist yet, but let us hope that some prudent entertainment company takes Jude Buffum’s concept and brings it into existence. Other scenarios include Teddy Roosevelt vs. Joseph Stalin and Abraham Lincoln vs. Kaiser Wilhelm II. They’re Buffum’s contributions to the funny art show So You Created a Wormhole: [...]

Hyrulean Biology

If you have followed through the Legend of Zelda games, you’ve interacted with hundreds of different creatures whether it be sword fighting or milk jug hustling. This genealogy tree by artist Jude Buffum compiles 200 of our favorite characters, showing how the Hyrulean world could have evolved from Deku Tree to Hylian villager. Link via Unreality Previously [...]

Koopa Butchering Chart

Artist Jude Buffum made butchering charts for Koopas, Ganon, Chocobos, and Yoshi. They’ll be on display at the upcoming Pixel Pushers show at SCION Installation in Culver City, California. Link via Popped Culture | Gallery Website (warning: sound) Previously by Jude Buffum Rainbow Brite: Finish Her! 1980s Movies in 8-Bit