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Walrus Dances to Michael Jackson

(YouTube link) Look at those moves! This walrus has earned a whole bucket of fish. The information at YouTube is in Russian, and gives no indication of where this was recorded, but if you can translate the back of one employee’s t-shirt, you may be able to tell us. -via Buzzfeed

A Little Airplane Music

When their plane was delayed, the members of the Lemon Bucket Orkestra had an idea on how to pass the time: Our plane got delayed 20 minutes so we got out our instruments and played an impromptu 4 song set [...]

Bucket List

The term “bucket list,” popularized by the 2007 movie of that name, usually refers to a list of things you want to accomplish before you die. This guy appears to be wildly successful due to low aspirations. But he’s happy! See a new Twaggie every day at GoComics. Link

The “L.L.” in L.L. Bean Stands for Leon Leonwood

If seeing a Bootmobile in person is on your bucket list and you can get to Times Square by tomorrow afternoon, you’re in luck. To celebrate L.L. Bean’s 100th anniversary, they’re rolling out a “larger-than-life mobile replica of the iconic L.L.Bean Boot.” But really the takeaway here is Leon Leonwood. [via The Hairpin]

Watch the (Slowly Moving) Bucket

Neatoramanauts, think like a criminal. You’ve stolen important financial documents from a local store, and would like to exchange them for money. But you know that the money drop-off point would be swarming with [...]

Steampunk Trick-or-Treating Buckets

The standard orange trick-or-treating bucket is going to clash with your clever steampunk Smurfette Captain America in a utilikilt costume. But no worries: Yami Guru has you covered with his steampunk buckets. Link -via Walyou (warning: auto-sound)

The Late Movies: Weirdo How-Tos

Our DIY friends over at Boingboing have an amazing, years-deep archive of how-to-make-stuff posts, which include a great many videos. Here are the coolest and wackiest how-tos I could find. HOW TO MAKE DECAPITATION SPECIAL EFFECTS Making a low-budget horror film in your backyard? This little how-to should prove indispensable. HOW TO BUILD A ROCKET — FOR KIDS! Young [...]

Baby Polar Bear Plays With Bucket

Remember the walrus and his stolen bucket? Well, Lolrus (actually, not a walrus but a really fat seal) may have kicked the bucket, but we’re glad to report that a baby Polar bear at Aalborg Zoo in Denmark has now picked up the meme. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Have You Seen [...]

Yak Skiing

John’s post about Horse Boarding is pretty nifty, but I believe I can top that. Behold, the extreme sports of yak skiing. All you need are a yak, a pair of skiis, and some nuts (well, it helps if you yourself are a bit nuts): In the Indian hill resort of Manali, Tibetan Peter Dorje runs [...]

TARDIS Ice Bucket

TARDIS Ice Bucket – $24.95 Transport your party into the coolness of Doctor Who with this spiffy TARDIS Ice Bucket from the NeatoShop. Though not of dimensionally transcendental, it is large enough to hold plenty of ice for your drinks: Link | More fun Party Supplies | Doctor Who items