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iPad Head

(Video Link) This viral marketing video by Thinkmodo shows a young woman walking around Bryant Park in New York City. Her head is encased in iPads, each of which shows one part of her head. It’s a promotional item for a new iPad magazine called Cosmo for Guys. Agency Website -via Doobybrain

Carousel Horse Race

(YouTube link) Improv Everywhere staged a horse race at Bryant Park, complete with jockeys, announcers, and even a bugler -on the carousel! The audience seemed to enjoy it, and the winner was quite pleased. Link -via The Daily What

New Elevators Sort Users by Rank

Elevator technology is taking a great leap forward from what you’re probably used to. Newer models can be accessed by swiping ID cards and programmed and controlled by managers, either to give priority to certain users or track who is going where: In downtown Denver at 1999 Broadway, a 43-story building, a law firm requested that [...]

Worst Ice Skater Ever?

(YouTube link) Skaters at New York’s Bryant Park were asked to clear the rink for ice resurfacing, but Kenny Moir had a little trouble just getting around, much less getting out of the way. The crowd gathered to watch his embarrasment. It turns out that it takes a lot of talent to skate this badly! Link [...]

MP3 Experiment

(YouTube link) The folks at Improv Everywhere used 3,000 participants for their latest mission. Each had an MP3 player that received simultaneous instructions (and music). That had to appear really strange to anyone not in on the plan! It all culminated in a flashmob at Bryant Park. Link -via The Daily What