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The Instant Cat Meme: Grumpy Cat

She’s funny, she channels emotions we all share but tend to hide, and she’s a cat. Is it any wonder that the internet loves Grumpy Cat? It was only two months ago that Bryan Bundesen (Cataliades) posted a picture of a cat to reddit with the words “Meet grumpy cat.” This is the picture that came [...]

The Death And Return Of Superman-A NSFW Fan Film With Epic Cameos

(YouTube Link) I’m pretty sure the only way a fan film can have this many celebrity cameos packed into one short film is if the fan in question is John Landis’ son Max, with co-collaborator Bryan Basham on hand to keep all that Hollywood cred from going straight to his head. Watch as Max and Bryan, and [...]

Jedi Squirrel

(YouTube link) Bryan Harley should be careful about arming backyard wildlife. Too bad he didn’t have two little light sabers! -Thanks, Bryan!

Artist Painted Self-Portraits While On Various Drugs

As the popular PSA said, this is your brain and this is your brain on drugs. But what happens when you try to make art when you are under the influence of various drugs? That’s exactly what Bryan Lewis Saunders did for his art project. He took a lot of different drugs and then try [...]

Not-So-Famous Firsts: Halloween Edition

Whether you’re taking some little ones out trick-or-treating or going to an adult party dressed as a radish, we join you in the spirit of Halloween and offer up a few not-so-famous firsts related to the holiday. Oh, and please have your kids save their Necco Wafers, Good ‘N Plenty, Circus Peanuts and other “ick” [...]

Trick or Treat: Is There Poison in Your Pixy Stix?

© Photo Media/ClassicStock/Corbis (1974) Halloween has to be one of the best days on a kid’s calendar. Not only do you get to put on a snappy new costume and pretend to be a monster, superhero, or princess, but you also get free candy just for ringing doorbells. Seriously, what could be better than that? Of course, [...]