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Food Photographed with A Scanning Electron Microscope

terra cibus no.5 / table salt (45x Magnification) terra cibus no.6 / red licorice (20x Magnification) Commercial photographer Caren Alpert’s dual loves — food and art — have teamed up in her series terra cibus, a collection of 36 high-res photos of food under an electron miscroscope. Aside from the salt and Twizzlers shownabove, Alpert’s work includes [...]

Restaurant Serves Meal on Table Suspended 50 Meters into the Air

Stefan Kerkhofs’s Dinner in the Sky experience lets you eat a gourmet meal served on a platform held aloft by a crane: Kerkhofs, who used to set up bungee-jumping and amusement part installations, partnered with marketing executive David Ghelys to develop Dinner in the Sky six years ago. The two now travel the world putting on [...]

5 Reasons to Feel Uneasy About Canada

Maple Leaf image via Shutterstock I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been complimented on the safe, peaceful oasis that is my homeland. I’ve been petted and cooed at in public; laughed at by airport security when my passport was presented; had my socks pilfered during a routine mugging in Baltimore after a red and [...]

Don’t Trip!

The late Belgian artist Tom Frantzen erected this playful outdoor sculpture in Brussels. De Vaartkapoen shows a man emerging from a manhole to trip a police officer passing by. The cop wears the badge number 15, just like Officer 15 from Hergé’s Tintin comics. Link -via Colossal

EU Bureaucrats: Drinking Water Does Not Prevent Dehydration

Can drinking water prevent dehydration? Before you laugh at the ridiculousness of such question, let me tell you that European Union bureaucrats in Brussels conducted a thorough three-year investigation, and found that there’s no [...]

Snow White: Not Just a Fairy Tale

Most of us are familiar with the story of Snow White: beautiful princess, jealous witch, hitman, dwarves, poisoned apple, hero prince. A cute little tale that got even cuter once Walt Disney got in hands on it in 1937, right? It may have been more than a tale, and the true tragedies the fairy stories might [...]

How Much Rodent Filth Does the FDA Allow?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought we’d do a little research into the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s regulations on our favorite holiday foods. We wish we hadn’t. Franck Boston / Because of the way foods are mass harvested, factory processed and packaged in the States, the FDA has to allow food companies [...]

Interactive Map Shows Migration Throughout the World

The Migrations Map is an interactive map that lets you see which countries people are moving to and from across the world. Here, for example, are the ten largest streams of immigrants into Australia. The UK contributes the largest share with over one million current residents of Australia. This map was made by Martin De Wulf, [...]

Look Up! Incredible Ceiling Designs

While the only ceiling art most people are familiar with is the famous mural on the Sistine Chapel, it’s certainly not the only ceiling worth a look. Over at WebUrbanist, you can learn more about 15 other stunning ceilings that will leave you ready to travel to distant locations to see them in person. Perhaps the [...]

10 Other People Who’ve Been Pied

Image credit: @DanJHayes News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch took a shaving cream pie to the face today during his hearing before a committee of the British Parliament on the phone-hacking scandal. Good thing we had this list handy. 1. Singer and activist Anita Bryant was hit in the face with a pie in 1977, in Des Moines. [...]