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25 Things You Might Not Know About The Evil Dead

(YouTube Link) Sam Raimi’s seminal horror flick The Evil Dead launched the career of an actor by the name of Bruce Campbell, brought a twisted sense of humor to horror flicks and led the way for the catchphrase treasure troves Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. If you’ve seen the flick a hundred times you may [...]

14 Absolutely Crazy Foreign Posters for American Movies

Movies, it’s often said, are a universal language. Movie posters, however, not so much. What entices American audiences, what gets our hearts racing in anticipation for a film event, doesn’t always play in parts elsewhere. And so to appeal to foreign audiences in their specific cultural milieu, poster artists turn to the one truly universal [...]

Get Engaged the Bruce Campbell Way

(Video Link) You could get Patrick Stewart to help out with your marriage proposal, but this geek decided to pop the question to his girlfriend according to the Evil Dead tradition. Bruce Campbell was also a guest of the recent Chicago Comic Con and cooperated with this grand romantic gesture. -via The Mary Sue

Zombie Wedding Officiated by Bruce Campbell

Psst! Wanna hear something neat? Bruce Campbell has just been ordained so this means … zombie wedding! Our pal Geekscape has the details: ZomBCon, the premiere zombie convention being held this Halloween in Seattle, is announcing today that newly ordained minister Bruce Campbell will be officiating a zombie wedding at the inaugural convention. While only one couple [...]

Feature Films That Started as Shorts

This summer saw the release of two major feature films that started life as shorts — District Nine and the animated film 9 (no relation, and not to be confused with the upcoming, Daniel-Day-Lewis-starring musical, Nine.) It’s enough to give young filmmakers out there hope: sometimes those short films can go a long way! 9 This animated [...]