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Gorillas reunite after three years apart

The emotional reunion between two brother gorillas at a safari park has been caught on camera. Kesho and his younger brother Alf were parted three yea…

Lost Boy Used Google Earth to Find His Mother

Twenty five years after he got lost whilst traveling on a train in India, a man found his mother using the unlikeliest of technology, satellite images. Here’s the incredible story of how Saroo Brierly used Google Earth to [...]

Little Brother’s Lucky Catch

(YouTube link) Dan had $125 in small bills. He said little brother Jack could keep whatever he caught when Dan threw it in the air. Jack caught $57! He was so happy, his “victory dance” was also uploaded to YouTube. Dan says he should have thought this through a little more. -via reddit

Mall Santa Delivers Christmas Wish

Four-year-old Dominic McCracken-Bruce and his 2-year-old brother Tyson only asked for one thing for Christmas -their Mommy. Army Reserve Capt. Dawn McCracken-Bruce was deployed to Iraq and Kuwait for the past nine months. When she came home for the holidays, she and her husband decided to surprise the boys during their visit with Santa Claus [...]

Inaccessible Gift

Redditor lahaff got his brother a Christmas gift and was determined to wrap it in a manner that would take all day to unwrap it. First, he welded it inside a metal casing. But that’s just the first step! See the rest of the process in a wordless photo essay that will leave you shaking [...]

Siblings sue mother for $50,000

A brother and sister have sued their own mother for $50,000 on the grounds of bad parenting. The actual crimes however are somewhat questionnable, Kim…

The Last King of New Jersey: The Suburban Life of Napoleon’s Brother

As Napoleon Bonaparte expanded his new French Empire and conquered much of Western Europe, he doled out the spoils of war to his friends and family, whether they wanted it or not. Napoleon’s older brother Joseph, described by historians as “idealist, mild mannered, and lacking in vigor,” had wanted to be a writer, but was [...]

The Almost Famous Relatives of Famous People

If you are famous, people are always trying to get something out of you. From Frank Stallone to Jim Belushi, we’ve seen how even your own family will try to ride your coattails. Here are some of the infamous and almost famous that are following in their relatives more famous footsteps. Tom Hanks Son is a [...]

The Brother IntelliFax 2800 App Store (FINALLY)

Isn’t it time you played Angry Birds on your Brother Intellifax 2800? Of course it is. All that faxing horsepower (including 2MB of memory!) is just sitting there, idle all day, with nothing to do except send and receive faxes. Sure, you have a “computer” or a “smart phone” with “apps,” but who wants to [...]


Artist Clint Wilson interpreted the movie O Brother Where Art Thou? in the style of an ancient Grecian vase. I love it! Link -via Nag on the Lake