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Will the Real “Super Mario Bros. 2″ Please Stand Up?

This week, Nintendo released “New” Super Mario Bros. 2. But “Old” Super Mario Bros. 2 isn’t what you think it is. Here’s the odd story of how Nintendo crammed Mario into places he was never meant to be. Super Mario Bros. 1 (1985) To start this saga, we have to go all the way back [...]

Rhett And Link Rap Up The Mario Bros.

(YouTube Link) The comedy-advertising duo Rhett and Link star in this installment of Epic Rap Battles as the Wright Brothers, who are dying to tell the Mario Bros. why the Princess wants to hang out on the black and white side of the screen. The Mario Bros., on the other hand, channel their inner guido and get [...]

Bizarro Mario Bros. Title Screen

(YouTube Link) Digital artist Jonathan Fletcher has created the player select screen for a bizarro version of the Super Mario Bros. video game that would apparently take place in the Gulf of Mexico. This has to be the skeeziest incarnation of the Bros. i’ve ever seen, but nobody ever said plumbing was a glamorous job! Link –via Geekologie

Smash Bros. Get Their Hands Dirty

Watch what happens when the Smash Bros.  take notes from Mortal Kombat on how to finish their opponents, with a FATALITY! Cute, bloody, and starring some of the most beloved video game characters of all time, this is my kind of vid! Link -via GeeksAreSexy

Mario Portal

What do you get when you combine Mario Bros. with Portal? Here’s your favorite plumber like you’ve never seen him before, courtesy of stabyourself: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via The [...]

The Best Works of The Venture Bros. Cosplay

Have you seen The Venture Bros.? It’s a great show, and in my opinion, the funniest currently in production. Gamma Squad has a roundup of some of the best cosplay by fans. Here we see three young ladies dressed up as Hank Venture, Dean Venture, and Sgt. Hatred. The expression on Dean’s face is perfect. Link [...]

Super Mario Propaganda

If you are a fan of the classic Super Mario Bros franchise, you might have always wondered how the evil Bowser recruited and maintained such a strong army of Koopas, Goombas and those annoying Mario eating plants. It turns out he uses some slick World War II style propaganda posters! Link

Goat Trike

De Moulin Bros. was a catalog company specializing in providing arcane trick props for hazing and initiation rites in fraternal lodges in the United States of the early 20th century. They were quite well known for their “goat trikes”: An inductee would ride the goat blindfolded while being pushed around the room by Lodge members. The [...]

Super Mario Bros. as an Indie Film

(Video Link) Angst, drug addiction, and unrequited love. Super Mario Bros., as Joe Nicolosi discovered, has always had the potential to be an indie film. This trailer was shown at the current SXSW festival in Austin. via Geekologie | Director’s Website Previously: Star Wars Retold By Someone Who Hasn’t Seen It Super Mario Bros. Intervention

Mario Question Block Coin Candy

Mario Question Block Coin Candy – $3.95 You never know what you’ll get from a question block in the video game Super Mario Bros., but there’s no question here. You’ll get awesome coin-shaped candies from Boston America’s Mario Question Block Coin Candy. The candy, licensed from Nintendo, comes in a collectible metal tin and is now [...]