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The Hindenburg, Pre- and Post-Disaster

If you’ve seen the Hindenburg before, it’s likely only the film of it crashing and burning — “Oh, the humanity!” and all that. In this extended newsreel from British Pathé, we see the full story of the Hindenburg’s last flight, including lots of footage before the crash, and the crash itself with “wild sound” [...]

Russian SAS targeted Margaret Thatcher

The former British Prime Minister was the target of an assassination plot during the Cold War. Soviet special forces were tasked with targeting Thatch…

What Are the Real Odds?

Jen Clarke of West London opened four eggs in a row that were all double-yolked. The odds of such a thing happening must be astronomical -or are they? According to the British Egg Information Service, one in every thousand eggs on average is a double-yolker. They’re not sure how they’ve come to this figure but you [...]

British Newspaper Archive: 300 Years of News Now Online

Image: Police News – via Telegraph This is very neat: the British Library, in collaboration with brightsolid online publishing, has digitized 4 million newspaper pages published in the UK since 1800, comprising of some [...]

Study: American Pronunciations of English Words Not Thriving in the British Isles

A study by the British Library revealed that despite concerns to the contrary, Britons have not begun adopting the American pronunciation for English words. In fact, British English is changing at a faster rate than American English. Jonnie Robinson, one of the researchers, said: ‘In fact, in some cases it is the other way around. British [...]

Wildest Secession Movements in The United States

With the unrest happening in Egypt and other countries in the region many people are asking if a revolution could ever happen in the US of A. Some Americans, however, have been planning such a movement for years to rebel against what they consider the injustices of the US government. During the Civil War the [...]

The United Kingdom, Great Britain and England (and a whole lot more)

(YouTube link) We once featured an Euler diagram that explained the British Isles, the United Kingdom, and Great Britain. This video explains all that clearly but quickly, then goes on to explain the British Empire, the Crown Colonies, Crown Dependencies, and other terms that confuse Americans and others who don’t deal with such geographical concepts every [...]

Phone Box Turned into Public Library

British Telecom has been selling off public phone booths in the UK. Some have been converted to public toilets, showers, or art installations. The village of Westbury-sub-Mendip turned one into a 24-hour public library: Users simply stock it with a book they have read, swapping it for one they have not. “It’s really taken off. The books [...]

The Last RAF Pilots from the Battle of Britain

Only 79 British Royal Air Force pilots who stood against the Nazi horde in 1940 are still alive. The Daily Mail gathered 17 of them for a group portrait and told biographical sketches of each one. Here’s the tale of Air Commodore John Ellacombe: Single-handedly took on 12 German planes over the South East coast. ‘I [...]

Klencke Atlas – The Largest Book in the World

The British Library has announced that the Klencke Atlas will have its first-ever public showing this summer as part of a map exhibition. It is almost absurdly huge – 1.75 metres (5ft) tall and 1.9 metres (6ft) wide – and was given to [Charles II] by Dutch merchants and placed in his cabinet of curiosities. At the [...]