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Alan Moore Stops Griping And Starts Making Movies

Alan Moore is known as much for his writing as for his grouchy disposition, and generally hates the Hollywood treatments his works have received so far, which is why I think making his own movies is a brilliant idea! Alan is working with his friend Mitch Jenkins on “a multi-layered, multi-episode narrative created by Moore and [...]

The Chicken Chair

One day, Brooklyn-based designer Sebastian Errazuriz, got a brilliant idea of creating a new kind of chair: [it] came as a quick thought out of the blue. I drew it in the back of a business card and showed it [...]

If the GOP candidates were superheroes

In the above vid, Darren Garnick’s son Ari asks the GOP presidential candidates which Superhero they’d be if they could pick! The answers are real and very interesting. Brilliant idea that gives a lot of insight on the candidates. Let us know in the comments below which candidate you think gives the best answer.

Mix & Match Chocolates Idea

Designer Elsa Lambinet created this brilliant idea for chocolate flavoring mix and match sessions. You can put whatever you want in the middle and then put anything in the little center hole and experiment with all the flavor combinations you can possibly handle. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to go to [...]

Bubble Wrap Ties

When I saw this, my first thought was to email Alex and suggest that this awesome item be added to the NeatoShop. Unfortunately, designer Shunsuke Umiyama’s brilliant idea has yet be mass produced. He writes: Bubble Wrap is hidden on the back of the Tie! Unpleasant boss’s talk or boring meetings is a thing of the past, you [...]

Win a copy of A.J. Jacobs’ new book!

As promised in yesterday’s interview with A.J., today we’ve got five, that’s-a-right, five copies of The Guinea Pig Diaries to give away. Here’s how it will go down: First, if you haven’t already, be sure to read my interview with A.J., to better your chances of scoring a book. Second, enter the contest by submitting what YOU [...]