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UFO photographed over Devon

A bridge worker has captured an unusual flashing object in the night sky over Devon, England. Gary McDermott snapped the photograph at around 9pm on S…

Michigan’s Tridge

The Tridge (triple bridge) is a cute three-way foot bridge that provides access to all sides of the confluence of the Tittabawassee and Chippewa Rivers in Midland, Michigan. According to Kuriositas, it’s one of only twelve in the world. Link | Photo: Fenton Low Altitude | The Tridge on Google Maps

A Bridge, a Speedboat and a Frisbee: The Ultimate Frisbee Trick Catch

A bridge, a speedboat, and Brodie Smith. That’s what it takes to make the world’s most insane frisbee trick catch. Check it out: Hit play or go to YouTube [Link]

The Crew of the Enterprise Watch Star Wars

(Video Link) The bridge officers on the Enterprise-D encounter strange sensor readings. What is that huge sphere? How should they respond? Who shot first, Han or Greedo? -via Fanboy

The Taj Mahal Is Collapsing

All this time kids have been singing about the London Bridge falling down, but it turns out it’s the Taj Mahal that’s in trouble. That’s right, if you’ve always wanted to see the stunning Indian landmark, you’d better make plans to see it soon because experts are warning that it could fall down in as little [...]

Happy 70th Birthday, Paul Simon!

To celebrate the birthday of one of our finest pop composers, we look behind the scenes of his classic song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” It was spring 1969. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were gone. Racial tensions were erupting across the country. The war was raging in Vietnam. What was a sensitive singer-songwriter like Paul Simon [...]

Ten Strange Units of Measurement

While some may think that feet and inches are “strange” units of measurement in comparison to the metric system, fear not; some people use even more convoluted systems to determine their measurements. What are some units of measurement that you think don’t work? What are some obscure ones you think should be used more often? One [...]

3 People Who Talked Down Potential Jumpers

It’s not always a trained negotiator who talks a potential jumper off the ledge. Sometimes it’s a shock jock, a rapper, or a hotel maid. 1. Howard Stern Keeps Caller On the Line, On the Bridge Howard Stern gets odd phone calls every day, but on the morning of December 7, 1994, he got a real [...]

Blowing up the Bridge

(YouTube link) Just when I thought I was getting tired of supercuts, Harry Hanrahan strung together the greatest exploding bridge scenes in cinema history, with a satisfyingly appropriate soundtrack. -via The Daily What

Uninvited ghost shows up in wedding photos

A photograph taken at a wedding reception at Newman Wine Vaults appears to show an unwelcome extra. A friend of the bridge and groom had been taking p…