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Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache

Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache – $23.95 (Bride and Groom sold separately) Are you looking for a way to celebrate your everlasting love? You need the Skeleton Bride and Groom Paper Mache dolls from the NeatoShop. These enchanting Day of the Dead skeleton style sculptures are the perfect way to show that special someone that [...]

Love Never Dies Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

Love Never Dies Bride and Groom Cake Toppers – $27.95 (front and side view shown) Are you planning a fantastic Halloween themed wedding? You need the Love Never Dies Bride and Groom Cake Toppers from the NeatoShop. This spooktacular sculpture features and skeleton bride and groom. Love this type of unique piece? You will also love the [...]

Feed My Frankenweenie

Just in time for Halloween, Frankenweenie is hitting theaters today, giving viewers a chance to enjoy all the campiness of black-and-white classic horror films while still offering them something delightfully new and unique. In honor of the movie’s release, here are some things you should know about the development and creation of Tim Burton’s newest [...]

Weddings Complete with Kidnappings

Photo: Vadim Ghirda Weddings are precious moments everywhere, but in Romania it comes with a little side of kidnapping for ransom. So forget veils, there brides wear blindfolds … Here’s the country’s strange tradition [...]

The Missing Links: Beard Yeast Beer

I’m Gonna Pass on the Face Yeast Beer This brewery is going to start making beer with yeast they harvested from their brewmaster’s bearded face. * It’s Just Your Common, Everyday Nazi Space Rock Buddha Statue This thing is pretty cool. * Relax, Internet Friends There will be no bacon shortage. * The Bride & O-Ren Hug It Out If you’re [...]

Monstrous Cupcake Cones

It must be a delight to hang out in the kitchen belonging to Jill of Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. Every week, there’s a new wonder to consume. Most recently, she made cupcake cones shaped like four monsters. From left to right: the Bride of Frankenstein’s monster, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolfman and Dracula. Link

Seal Your Wedding Vows with a Pinky Swear

Bethany and her groom decided to affirm their commitment to each other in a way that expressed the seriousness of marriage. She explains: We said “I do” over a pinky swear because you NEVER break a pinky promise. Link -via Offbeat Bride | Photo: Michael Porter

Geeky Transformations of Victorian Portraits

Alex Gross takes classic Victorian pictures and then repaints them into portraits of pop culture personalities like Aquaman, Bride of Frankenstein and Godzilla. His work will be exhibited at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in LA next month, so if you’re in town, stop by and support a great geek artist. Link Via io9

The Late Movies: and the Bride on Drums

When you plan and prepare your wedding, get yourself a pair of drumsticks and make sure your dress will fit behind a trap set. It’s more and more common for the blushing bride to sit in and provide the beat for the reception. Suzanne Morrissette Suzanne Morrisette performed at her own wedding reception in 2010. Her new [...]

Google Celebrates Art Clokey’s Birthday

Animation pioneer Art Clokey was born 90 years ago today. Clokey gave us Gumby and Pokey and later Davey and Golliath. In honor of the occasion, Google has an animated Gumby-themed doodle. The Gumby Doodle — which starts off with several clay balls and a child’s wooden block — was created by top animator Anthony Scott [...]