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Kids Swede Alien

(YouTube link) Here, children are re-enacting a key scene from the movie Alien. After somewhat lengthy histrionics, you’ll see the most ridiculous low-budget chestburster ever! This is the fifth in a webseries called Kids Swede Movies. Link -Thanks, Brian!

Newest Henson Project Deals With Puppet Homicide

This is the first concept art released for Brian Henson’s latest movie project “The Happytime Murders“, a noir thriller with a partially puppet cast and an adult edge. Here’s the blurb: In a world where puppets co-exist with humans as second class citizens, puppet private eye and disgraced ex-cop, Phil Phillips, is hot on the trail [...]

7 Nintendo Products You Never Knew Existed

The Nintendo Company has been in business since 1889, but it took almost 100 years for Nintendo to become a global household name for its video games. Along the way, Nintendo branched out into all kinds of ventures, some of which will surprise you (like the love tester and the love hotels). One of their [...]

11 Soldiers Welcomed Home by Very Happy Dogs

For Veterans Day 2009, we posted a round-up of videos featuring soldiers being welcomed home by their dogs. In the last two years, YouTube’s vast collection of doggy welcome home videos has continued to grow. Before we begin, you might want to grab some tissues. 1. Princess This soldier gets a face-lickingly warm welcome home from Princess, [...]

Bear Steals, Wrecks Prius

Brian and Cece McCarthy of Pleasanton, California, were vacationing with their son Dylan at Lake Tahoe when thier car was stolen. They woke to suspicious sounds in the night, and saw from the window of their cabin that there was a bear in their car! After the black bear climbed completely inside the car it apparently [...]

7 Strange Ways Harry Potter Has Become a Reality

The first Harry Potter book came out in 1997. In the 14 years since then, some of the many fans of the book and movie series have tried to bring the world of the young wizard and his friends to reality. Take, for example, the sport of Quidditch. There is, in fact, an ACTUAL National Quidditch [...]

15 Cool Modernized Propaganda Posters

They say the revolution won’t be televised, but it most certainly will be “posterized.” With so many stylized propaganda posters circulating throughout the twentieth century, it’s no wonder that so many artists have taken inspiration from these influential works of art. Here are 15 awesome examples of propaganda poster art. Video Games Steve Thomas is able to [...]

Freeze Dried Food: Not for Armageddon Survivalists Anymore

Usually, stocking your pantry with freeze-dried and canned food is something you’d associate with survivalists preparing for Armageddon – but there’s a new trend afoot: the Great Recession survivors are now doing it, too, as a hedge against future price hikes and job insecurity. “The price of everything is going up. I have no idea what’s [...]

The Last Breakfast

Brian Stuckey spent 3 months drawing The Last Breakfast, where all your favorite breakfast mascots get together for one last breakfast: Pop from the Rice Krispies as Judas Iscariot? I shoulda known! Embiggen at Brian’s website: Link | Etsy Store

Tiny Time Lord

I seem to have a theme going on here. First the little Darth Vader from the upcoming Super Bowl Volkswagen ad, and now we have this teensy-weensie timey-wimey guy in a TARDIS his dad made for him. What a lucky little Time Lord! I wish I would have gotten a TARDIS for my birthday! Mateo’s dad, [...]