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A few animals have made the deepest depths of the ocean their natural habitat, which means they evolved to withstand enormous pressure. We only get to see these animals by remote camera, unless you happen to be James Cameron. But now Océanopolis, an aquarium in Brest, France, has developed a special aquarium that maintains high [...]

Classic Album Covers over Real Life

Photographer Matthieu Raffard superimposed classic LP album covers over appropriate backgrounds for an ad campaign for the French radio station Ouï FM. Above is Roxy Music’s 1975 album Siren overlaying the French city of Brest. Link (Google Translate) | Photographer’s Website

Weridest airport names in the world

Batman Airport (BAL), Turkey Served by Turkish Airlines, Batman Airport lies in the south-east corner of Turkey. Visitors to Batman could use the city as a launching point for exploring the fascinating Anatolia region, home to a number of ancient historical sites and the more modern Ataturk Dam Lake and watersports centre. Useless Loop (USL), Australia Useless Loop [...]