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Music History #5: “I Don’t Like Mondays”

“I Don’t Like Mondays” Written by Bob Geldof (1979) Originally sung by The Boomtown Rats The Music It may be the catchiest murder ballad of all time. Laced with baroque piano flourishes and a call-and-response style chorus, the song is an earworm that makes you feel a little guilty for singing along. After all, you are echoing [...]

10 Actors’ Dramatic Departures from Popular Shows

As the season premiere of Two and a Half Men edges closer, many fans are alternately waiting to see how the addition of Ashton Kutcher to the cast will change the show while simultaneously shaking their heads over an actor (we’re looking at you, Charlie Sheen) who was unwilling to rein in his self-destructive behavior [...]

Glo Balls

Hostess is teaming up with DC Comics to promote superhero-themed snack food, and Brenda of Geektress noticed something … well, wrong: “Glo Balls,” on the other hand, bring up images of irradiated testicles. Then I think of the Hulk… in a bad way. I realize I’m being childish and silly, but there you go. Link

Dog vs. SUV: Which Has Larger Eco-Footprint?

This guy is destroying Earth! Which has a larger ecological footprint, a large dog or an SUV? According to Robert and Brenda Vale, Fido has a Hummer of an eco-footprint: In “Time to Eat the Dog? The Real Guide to Sustainable Living,” authors Robert and Brenda Vale argue that resources required to feed a dog — including [...]