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24 Pictures of Adorable Cats And Dogs From Meet The Breeds 2012

Each year, the American Kennel Club throws Meet the Breeds in New York City’s Jacob Javits Center. More than 200 breeds of cats and dogs are available for cuddling and photo ops (if you can get them to sit still!). We hit the floor to bring you adorable pictures and interesting factoids about 24 breeds. Abyssinian [...]

The Bulldog: Dog-Breeding Gone Wrong

Bulldogs sure are endearing, and bulldog lovers may love their pets to death, literaly. You see, bulldogs are bred to look that way, and the lengths that people are willing to go to get [...]

The 8 Weirdest Dog Breeds Ever

You might have heard of some of these strange dog breeds, but I bet you don’t know all of them! Are you familiar with the Puli? This dog was wearing dreadlocks thousands of years ago! While no one knows exactly where pulis come from, there are indications that ancient Romans owned similar dogs and there is [...]

In the Beginning: The Origins of 9 Cat Breeds

We’ve covered the origins of various dog breeds before, so it’s about time we gave cat lovers some info, too. Let’s take a look at how several of your favorite breeds grew to prominence. 1. Siamese Yes, they are Siamese even if you don’t please. The precise origins of the breed are somewhat murky, but it’s generally [...]

The Rise of the Supercats

First fool the humans with the cute kind of cats, and then when they’re lulled into a false sense of security, the supercats will take over the world! Here’s a story of the rise of a new breed of predator cats as pets in Britain: The savannah, the most popular, is bred from a serval, a [...]