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Angry Birds Bra Not Sexy, But Awesomely Geeky

It might not be the sexiest lingerie around, but it just might be the geekiest. Of course, this might just be dangerous for the ladies out there, as one of your breasts are likely to start attacking the other at any given time. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Russian Artist Paints With Her Breasts

Russian Artist Paints Pictures With Her Breasts (NSFW VIDEO)Russian artist Viktoria has developed a new technique to painting that could theoretically titillate those who criticize her country’s contemporary arts scene as stagnant: she is opting to use her breasts in lieu of brushes in her latest work.Based in St. Petersburg, Viktoria says her method — [...]

Areas Stimulate female Orgasm Heaven

5 Areas To Stimulate And Send Her To Orgasm HeavenThere are a lot of erogenous zones that are highly sensitive and men always fail to stimulate them during lovemaking. A woman has other sensitive areas other than her lips and breasts. It is extremely important for you to know which areas are commonly neglected, so [...]