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What Do Breast Implants and a Python Have in Common?

Breast implants, a python, a winning lottery ticket, a bucket of live crabs and a set of four Power Rangers costumes — all are bizarre items left behind in rooms at British locations of the Travelodge hotel chain. Apparently, working in housekeeping at a hotel is not only drudgery. It could be life threatening.  Read about other unusual objects [...]

The Very Rich Hours of Mrs. Mole

In 1969, illustrator Ronald Searle’s wife Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her treatment, Searle made a “Mrs. Mole” illustration to cheer her after every chemotherapy session. They were a gift of love, never meant for publication. Monica Searle survived until last summer, and Ronald Searle passed away in December. Now 47 of those [...]

Chinese Cows That Produce Human Breast Milk

Along with my post from a few weeks ago about Chinese ghost malls, file this under “weird stories from China.” (Maybe I’ll start calling them Strange Chinographies?) While the US is gradually adopting organic and non-GMO foods as its nutritional gold standard, Chinese agricultural scientists are genetically modifying cows to produce human breast milk — [...]

Woman sees Jesus in x-ray image

Karen Sigler has claimed that an x-Ray taken of her chest contains a clear image of Jesus. Sigler who had recently undergone breast cancer surgery was…

Stem Cell Research Could Lead to a New Type of Breast Reconstruction

Recent experiments by stem cell researchers suggest that a new type of breast reconstruction and augmentation may be on the horizon: Trials in breast growth (and re-growth in the case of breast cancer survivors recovering from mastectomies, lumpectomies and quadrantectomies) have been promising. Since the tissues induce the formation of blood vessels, the regenerative cells link [...]

woman breastfeeds calf

Woman Breastfeeding Video has become a thorny issue in the West, with some women declaring the act ‘creepy’ while others fervently believe ‘breast is best’. But for Couthi Bai, a villager from Kilchu, India, the decision to breastfeed an orphaned calf after its mother died was a natural one. She tells her story.Since the death [...]

Surgically Implantable Bra

Three years ago, Gail blogged about a bra implanted inside human breast tissue to take the place of an external bra. Plastic surgeons have greatly developed this idea since that time. So far, 600 women have undergone the surgery: Conceived by South African plastic surgeons and currently being performed in Europe, the Internal Bra System is [...]

Increase Breast Size Naturally

How to Increase Breast Size NaturallyAppearance is a major concern for women, often on a daily basis. Many women worry about not being the “right” size or fitting into the “right” clothes. Small breast size is a common complaint, and bothers some women to the point of surgical intervention. If surgery is too expensive or [...]

Disgustingly Helpful Medical Advances

Did you know parasitic gut worms may help prevent you from developing allergies? Or that the fluid excreted from maggots might actually be helpful in keeping your wounds clean? Were you aware that an even healthier version of human breast milk can be produced by mice spliced with human genes? The real question, of course, [...]

The Faces of Breast Cancer

Every year, the Susan G. Komen foundation organizes 15 three-day walks in cities across the country to raise awareness about and funds to help fight breast cancer. It’s an intense event: walkers wear out their shoes hoofing it more than sixty miles — twenty per day, sleeping in tents at night — and by the [...]