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The Missing Links: Free Hot Pockets in Jersey

Photography That’s Part of This Nutritious Breakfast Cerealism uses crunchy breakfast treats to create interesting photographic landscapes. * Cory Booker Has Some Good News & Some Bad News The popular mayor of Newark got the citizens of his hurricane-ravaged city a bunch of free food. But they’re Hot Pockets. Relevant: Because it’s still funny. * Don’t Put [...]

Sleep Like A Stack Of Pancakes With A Side Of Bacon

This bedspread is a breakfast lover’s delight, and it will make you wake up hungry each and every morning. The quilt is styled after a butter drenched stack of pancakes, complete with gobs of syrup and a rug shaped like a side of bacon. If you’re starving for a bed that looks like breakfast in your house [...]

A Fantasy Bed & Breakfast

There’s a marvelous bed and breakfast outside of Durby, Belgium called La Balade de Gnomes. It looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy movie. Outwardly, the building is a wooden bull. Inside, you can find an eccentric mixture of stucco and carved driftwood in the Gnome Revival style. Photos and Official Website (Google Translate) -via [...]

Pantone Tarts

So this is how designers eat their breakfast: Pantone tarts! Check it out over at Griottes: Link – via That’s Nerdalicious

A Different Kind of Fabergé Egg

Quick: what image comes to mind when I mention the name Karl Fabergé? Probably not a plate of breakfast. It may not be the opulent Easter eggs that bear his name, but Fabergé’s jeweled rendition [...]

Sweater for a Soft Boiled Egg

Sarah of the food blog Snippets of Thyme stayed at a bed & breakfast in Dingle, Ireland. Breakfast included soft boiled eggs kept warm in adorable little sweaters. The duck feet on the cups only added to the cuteness. Link -via Tasteologie | Bed & Breakfast Website

50 Breakfasts From Around The World

In America, we love cereal and eggs and bacon, but every other country has their own classic breakfast and while some seem a little strange, others, like this English breakfast look utterly delicious. Learn what 50 other places eat for breakfast over at the link. Link

If Ben & Jerry Worked With George Lucas

Breakfast Safari created this delightful fake Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor and man, do I wish it was real. They already have ice cube trays featuring Han, all you’d have to do would be use them to mass produce the chocolate candies. Link

No More Naked Reading at Oxford

In a bit of controversy on campus, the Breakfast Club–a group of about 40 male and female Worcester College students–get together in the library on Wednesday afternoons to do group revision… with a bit of stripping. The “Half-Naked Half-Hour” began in 2009 when Breakfast Club students decided it would be fun to partially disrobe in the Oxford [...]

Breakfast Beer

Martini may be the Breakfast of Champions, but most of us don’t associate breakfast with alcoholic drinks. Well, New Zealand’s Moa Brewery is set to change all that by launching the world’s first “breakfast beer” called Moa Breakfast: Moa co-owner Geoff Ross said his company wasn’t targeting alcoholics, nor was it trying to create irresponsible behaviour. “Look [...]