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10 Really Bad Movies that Define “Bad Movies”

Yesterday I linked a story about the movie The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. The children’s film opened last weekend in 2,160 theaters, and earned less than half a million dollars on its opening weekend. That means it only made $206 per theater, a record low for a movie in wide release (more than [...]

My Little Bacon

Friendship is magic, or bacon, which is pretty much the same thing. DeviantART user BAwesome-BAcon rendered this pony in pork products. His gallery also contains images of Pinkie Pie made out of oatmeal and Applejack out of breakfast cereal. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you would like for Neatorama to move [...]

Gingerbread Ewok Village

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, on the planet Endor, under the forest canopy, lies a village made of chocolate, breakfast cereal, and gingerbread! And don’t look now, but there’s a Death Star lurking above. The Canadian baker who blogs under the name The Infinite Yums built this Ewok Village for a [...]

Recreating Starry Night With Household Objects

If you’d like to see Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece The Starry Night in person, you’ll need to head to New York City’s Museum of Modern Art – where it’s been part of the permanent collection since 1941. If, on the other hand, you just want to see something that looks somewhat like it, you can go [...]

Marmite Banned in Denmark

Marmite, the British spread made from yeast extract with a taste that people will either love or hate (indeed, the company’s marketing slogan is “Love it or hate it“), is definitely not getting any love by the Danish government: it is banning the sticky spread. The sales ban enforces a law restricting products fortified with added [...]

Cats with Thumbs

(YouTube link) Remember the cat who gave us thumbs up? What if all cats were to develop opposable thumbs? They’d be after us …for our breakfast cereal milk, according to this ad from a milk company. -via Laughing Squid

The Physics of Breakfast Cereal

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader. Americans eat nearly three billion boxes of cereal every year. And yet few of us know how Rice Krispies, Corn Pops, or any other cereal is made. Here’s a look at the science behind some of our favorite breakfast foods. (Image credit: Flickr user Snugg [...]

Weird Breakfast Cereal Box Designs

Children’s cereal is big business, so one would think that giant corporations that make the breakfast stuff would put a tremendous amount of care in these cereal box packagings … but then again maybe not. Weird Worm has 14 of the strangest breakfast cereal boxes ever designed. For example, here’s Corn Crackos: Sugared cereals are like crack [...]