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Baby Hates Miley Cyrus

Poor Miley can’t get no break! Watch as this cute one-year-old baby cry in horror when Miley Cyrus came on the telly. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] (the toothy grin at the end is so cute!)

‘Freak’ lightning strike kills builder

Bricklayer Justin Feber was on his lunch break when he was struck dead by a bolt from the blue. Colleagues reported seeing a flash and hearing a loud …

Where’d Rick Moranis Go?

Anyone growing up in the 80s likely has vivid and fond memories of Rick Moranis’ role as the hapless and self-deprecating Louis Tully in Ghostbusters, or perhaps as the dad in Honey I Shrunk the Kids or the fur-hatted Canadian funnyman from SCTV. But with speculation brewing about the ghostbusters reprising their roles in a [...]

Lemon Grenades

Prop designer Chris Myles took a break from making Portal props to put these lemon grenades together: Tops from some old airsoft bb loaders, random springs to make the spoons fly off when you pull the pins, some paper plus modge podge labels, and a hacked greeting card so when the spoon comes off Cave does [...]

Don’t Break The Bottle CorkScrew

Don’t Break The Bottle CorkScrew - $24.95 Are you looking for a fun, and slightly aggravating, gift to bring to a dinner party? You need the Don’t Break The Bottle CorkScrew game from the NeatoShop. Slip your favorite bottle of wine into this contraption and watch the mayhem begin. There will be no drinking here until [...]

Spring Break Badges

These unofficial spring break merit badges can be sent to your friends via Facebook. The Lobster badge is for someone who didn’t use enough sunscreen. The one on the right is called Icarus, for your friend who went after someone who was too hot for them and was then shot down. See all ten badges [...]

Deer Licking a Cat

Let’s take a break from the disturbing art-under-the-influence post above with this dose of 30-second cuteness. Behold, deer licking a cat: [YouTube Clip] – via Arbroath (and yes, stupid obvious jokes will be deleted)

World’s Largest Disco Mirror Ball is Groovy

Break out the leisure suits, because French artist Michel de Broin used a crane to heft a huge mirror ball 50 meters over the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. It measures 7.5 meters across and is composed of a thousand mirrors. Can you dig it? Link via Gizmodo (where there’s a video) | Artist’s Website | [...]

A Surfing Photography Legend

Photo by Brian Bielmann 51-year-old Brian Bielmann has been photographing surfers for over three decades, and has quite an impressive portfolio. Some of his greatest shots are featured today at the New York Times Lens, including one depicting other surf photogs diving for cover, which effectively communicates the strange, dangerous world these people work in. From Daniel [...]