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The Late Movies: 1972

When I posted some of my favorite songs from 1971 last year, y’all seemed to like them. How about another great year for music? The year 1972 marked my entrance into high school, and 40 years later, my two youngest daughters will advance to 9th grade. I had a long list of songs I liked, [...]

6 Hugely Successful Products Originally Invented for Something Else

Some of the world’s most famous, civilization-altering discoveries happened by accident. Take Penicillin, for example. The guy who discovered it, Sir Alexander Fleming, simply forgot to clean up his work station one night and returned to discover the world’s first antibiotic growing right there in his unwashed petri dish. But that’s not what this particular [...]

Making George Washington’s Special Eggnog

Yes, it’s Christmas Eve. But it’s also National Eggnog Day! We recently made George Washington’s eggnog in our New York office. If you want to make a patriotic holiday alcoholic treat in your office, follow Ethan’s lead. A few words on Washington’s nog recipe Kitchen records from Mount Vernon indicate that George Washington served an eggnog-like drink [...]

The Late Movies: What Song Are You Listening To? (London, Copenhagen, Singapore, Lisbon, Philadelphia)

Two weeks ago, I pointed to a street video from New York, in which filmmaker Ty Cullen asked passersby who wore headphones “Hey, what song are you listening to?” Commenters asked for more versions of the video from different cities, and I’m glad to oblige — other filmmakers around the world have followed suit and [...]

The Parking Lot Cemetery

At the Loew’s movie theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey, you can grab some overpriced Goobers, take in the latest blockbuster, and, you know, pay your respects to the dead. That’s because the Loew’s parking lot serves as a tiny cemetery for one small family, though Mary Ellis is the one people talk about it. [...]