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Monkey in a jacket perplexes Ikea customers

A Toronto branch of Ikea was the site of an unusual visitor on Sunday in the form of a debonair monkey. Shoppers visiting the store were surprised whe…

Blood Red Camargue River Delta

Photo: Sam Dobson/500px Russian photographer Sam Dobson was passing through Southern France when he noticed something unusual: the river delta Camargue has turned blood red due to its high salt content. With every small branch [...]

Elephant Hunt Not a Good Move

King Juan Carlos has been the honorary president of the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund since 1968. But that title has been stripped away since the king returned from an elephant hunting safari. Many Spaniards were dumbfounded when news broke in April that the king had made a secret journey to hunt elephants in [...]

Plastic Bottles Can Remove Arsenic from Water

Arsenic in water can be caused by human pollution or by natural leakage, and is normally expensive to clean for developing countries where poisoning is common and deadly. Scientists have potentially found a convenient solution by turning plastic bottles into arsenic magnets. “Dealing with arsenic contamination of drinking water in the developing world requires simple [...]

Bank Robbers Dressed as Nuns

Two people dressed a nuns robbed the West Englewood branch of TCF bank in Palos Heights, Illinois, Sunday afternoon. It was not the first robbery the branch has seen, according to detective Gerald Wodka. This time two offenders entered the bank just minutes before closing time at 1:58 p.m., both with weapons, Wodka said. They jumped over [...]

Tree Branch in Jars by Naoko Ito

New York-based artist Naoko Ito transformed a tree branch into art by sawing it into small pieces, putting them in jars, then stacking the jars into the original shape of the branch. The piece above is titled “Ubiquitous.” It’s a part of her art series “Urban Nature 2009.” Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by rale87.

Police to study hypnosis techniques

Hypnosis techniques are being proposed as a new branch of training for police officers in the UK to help encourage witnesses and suspects to tell …

The Geezer Bandit

Have you seen this old man? He’s the “Geezer Bandit,” a serial bank robber than has robbed three banks so far (once while carrying an oxygen tank!): Authorities say he walked in to a Bank of America branch in Rancho Santa Fe Monday, handed the teller a demand note, and showed a black handgun. It happened [...]

Anthony Roussel’s Wood Jewelry

Branch Bangle by Anthony Roussel, Photo: Rob Popper Artist and designer Anthony Roussel creates intricate jewelry from materials not usually associated with adornments – wood! This one above is a birch wood bangle – you can see more at his website: Link – via a+.29