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Porsche TV Display

YouTube user Kanaal Van Ronorozco makes TV display centers in the front or back ends of classic vehicles, such as this 2005 Porsche 996. It’s not a fabrication, but the actual rear of the car, right down to the brake calipers. With a push of a button, the brake lights flash and the screen opens [...]

Wireless brake is the future of cycling

Wireless bike brake that fails only three times in a trillion could revolutionize bike control systems. German scientists are working on a new braking…

Man Tried to Stop Car the Flintstone’s Way and Crashed

Most people would stop driving their car when the brake failed, but not this Fred Flintstone-wanna be: he tried to use his feet instead. Roseville Police arrested a 24-year-old man Wednesday who tried to use his feet to brake his moving car and failed, hitting four cars along the way. The Fred Flintstone wannabe, a roofer [...]

What To Do if Your Vehicle’s Accelerator is Stuck

YouTube link. The images in the video are “safe for work,” but the audio is of a 911 call with a lethal outcome, so those sensitive to such tragedies might consider leaving the video “under the fold.” Toyota has released some advice re what to do in their vehicles if the accelerator pedal becomes stuck: • If you [...]

Frisky Foxes Sabotaging Drivers

Over the course of eight months, nine cars in Kent, England, had their brake lines cut. A special police team got together to investigate the crimes, thinking the group of vandals responsible was going to cause someone serious harm if the trend continued. The team started out watching CCTV footage of the community, investigating the cut [...]