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Play an Online Game, Contribute to Neuroscience

Eyewire, an online multiplayer game pioneered by Professor Sebastian Seung at MIT, allows players to map the three-dimensional structure of neurons in the brain. Every player, in essence, becomes a contributor to important neuroscientific research. Scientiists hypothesize that all mental properties from memory to mental illness are encoded in the the connections between neurons. Until these [...]

This is How a Rapper’s Brain Works

Oh my God, Becky Look at his brain It’s so big He looks like one of those rap guys [...]

Zombies vs Trick-Or-Treaters

I know the feeling. Come Halloween, I am not sure which I feel more connected to- my brain or my candy. Fine, fine, you’re right. Take the brain but leave me my Rolos and Caramel Apple Pops. -Via Tastefully Offensive

Is It Legal To Kill Zombies?

You know that if a zombie dies, you have to destroy his brain, but assuming the zombie apocolypse hasn’t thrown law and order out the window, will the cops arrest you for running down the streets slaying the undead? After all, they used to be human, so is it murder to rekill them? San Diego [...]

Big Brain is Why Humans Get Cancer

That big brain of ours? Yeah, the one that you’re using to read this Neatorama post. It’s also the reason us humans get cancer. That’s what Georgia Institute of Technology researcher John McDonald discovered when [...]

Listening to Complainers Is Bad for Your Brain

Who wants to listen to complaints? Sometimes you have no choice, but when you spent time listening to people complaining, you tend to develop a negative attitude. Author Trevor Blake cites some research in his book Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life. Even worse, being exposed to too much complaining can [...]

Oldest Arthropod Brain is Surprisingly Complex

Photo: Xiaoya Ma My, what large fossilized brain you’ve got! Nicholas Strausfeld of the University of Arizona and colleagues were studying fossils from China’s Yunnan province when they encountered a 520-million-year-old brain ever found [...]

Skull Bone Transplanted Twice

Former Idaho beauty queen Jamie Hilton suffered brain swelling after a devastating fall in June. Doctors removed a large chunk of her skull to allow the swelling to heal, then replaced it a few weeks later. In the meantime, where did they store the skull? In her abdomen. Doctors removed 25 percent of her skull and [...]

The Missing Links: Horrible Things That Make You Happy

Looking at Einstein’s Brain: There’s An App For That? Yes, yes there is. * Charles Manson Just Doesn’t Make As Much Sense As You’d Think And that’s certainly saying something. Take, for instance, this note he sent to his musical namesake. * Riding the Subway is the Key To Happiness Well, it’s one of them, anyway—along with fighting, watching [...]

10 Super-Embarrassing Moviemaking Typos

When you first look at this movie title, your brain probably says Night of a Thousand Cats. And that’s what you should think, because that’s what it is supposed to say. But look closer, and you’ll realize it says Night of a One Thousand Cats. This brain trick caused by using a numeral instead of [...]