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Mind-Reading Cars from Nissan

Self-driving cars haven’t made it to the streets yet, but they may already soon become obsolete. Nissan is working with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne on a mind-controlled car that reads the driver’s brain activity, eye movement, and environment to run. There is no release date set and, as you can imagine, a whole [...]

Does a sixth sense really exist ?

A five-year study has revealed evidence that two people can become physiologically aligned. The study is based on the monitoring of brain activity dur…

Why Hammerhead Sharks Have Hammer Heads

Why do hammerhead sharks have, well, hammer-shaped heads? The mystery may now be solved: it’s all about binocular vision. [Michelle McComb and Timothy Tricas] then placed sensors on the shark’s skin to measure its brain activity, specifically testing whether the animal would react to beams of light shone from different locations around the tank. By doing so, [...]

Brain waves surge moments before death

A new study has found that terminally ill patients experience a surge in brain activity moments before death, a find that may constitute physiolog…