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A Rubik’s Cube for the Blind

You can design a Rubik’s Cube with Braille letters to signify colors. Doing so, howevever, presents a problem: But when you turn a braille letter upside down, it becomes a different braille letter. So as the user rotates the cube it becomes impossible to read the colors. Brian Doom solved that problem by giving a cube six [...]

15 Facts to Share During Braille Literacy Month

January is Braille Literacy Month. Did you know that? Here are some other things you might not know about Braille. 7. There are three different “grades” of Braille Every grade represents a different skill level, with 1 being best for those just starting to learn Braille and 3 for the more familiar. Basic letters and punctuation characterize [...]

Fast Food Chain Introduces Braille Burgers

January is National Braille Literacy Month, which is the perfect time for South African burger chain Wimpy to introduce their new braille menus. Of course, good timing wasn’t their only smart marketing move. Because the company really wanted to make a statement, they also opted to release 15 special burgers with braille buns, each with their [...]

Braille Handburgers

The South African division of the fast food chain Wimpy provides menus in Braille. To get the word out, its chefs produced hamburger buns with sesame seeds carefully arranged on the surface to spell out words in Braille. At the link, you can watch a video of visually impaired people reacting to the burgers. Link -via [...]

Whiz Kids: 5 Amazing Young Inventors

Here are the stories of four young inventors who have already made their mark on the world, and one who hopes to in the years to come. 1. Chester Greenwood: Easy on the Ears All 15-year old Chester Greenwood wanted to do was ice skate. But the bitter cold of winter in Farmington, Maine, was hard [...]

Braille With Sign Language Alphabet Blocks

Braille With Sign Language Alphabet Blocks – $36.95 Are you always on the look out for unique educational toys for your budding genius? The Braille With Sign Language Alphabet Blocks from the NeatoShop are for you. Not only are these handmade Braille With Sign Language Alphabet Blocks beautiful, they are fun too. What toddler can resist knocking [...]

Edward B. Kaplan’s Braille Slot Machine

A pad of pins corresponds to each reel in the machine; as the reels spin, the braille display changes under the player’s fingers until the winning combination is displayed. If the player wins, the machine vibrates slightly. Any winnings are credited to the machine until the player presses a payout button. “This will also deter any [...]

Braille Tattoo of Björk Song Lyrics

Flickr user Nadia Prigoda-Lee snapped this picture at a Modest Mouse concert in Toronto. Two of her commenters say that it’s the lyrics to the Björk song “Bachelorette” written in Braille. Link via Flavorwire