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Another Great Geek Girl Bra

Back in August, I showed you guys the Angry Birds bra, but for those gals who prefer old school games to those available through smart phones, you might prefer this fun Pac Man bra instead. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

For Those That Like What They See

The Facebook bra is a great way to boost your self confidence or a great way to show your lady that you like what she’s packing. Link Via BuzzFeed

Bra Life Saving Face Mask

Lingerie Disguises : The bra that can be converted into a life-saving face mask An ‘emergency bra’ has been created by a Ukrainian scientist that can be turned into a face mask to protect against lethal chemical attacks or biological hazards.The uplifting garment can be worn as intended then easily removed, separated into two and [...]

Emergency Bra

Last year, Dr. Elena Bodnar won the Ig Nobel Prize in Public Health for her Emergency Bra. Having seen first hand the devastating effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, she designed it to filter out the radioactive particles found there. In the event of a similar emergency, just remove the bra and break it into [...]

Bra Stash

The world’s most secure wallet attaches to your Secret bra—only you will know it’s there! More convenient and comfortable than an ankle wallet, Secret Stash carries your important “stuff” safely and discreetly so you can enjoy the sights!Source : Solutions

Bra Untying Contest

seductive try for men Bra Untying Contest in China During a promotional event, organized by a A Chinese participant unties the bras of eight models during a bra untying competition at a department store in Guangzhou city, south Chinas Guangdong province contestants were invited to test their bra untying skills. In order to win, participants [...]

Surgically Implantable Bra

Three years ago, Gail blogged about a bra implanted inside human breast tissue to take the place of an external bra. Plastic surgeons have greatly developed this idea since that time. So far, 600 women have undergone the surgery: Conceived by South African plastic surgeons and currently being performed in Europe, the Internal Bra System is [...]

6 Multi-Purpose Wonder Bras

You might think that bras are pretty much fulfilling their function in life—they do their job and most of the time, they do it well. But lucky for us, some very creative inventors disagree. This post is for all of you who wear bras and have thought, “Man, I wish this thing did something else.” 1. [...]