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Woman Fired For “Living in Sin”

Could you lose your job because you’re "living in sin" with your boyfriend? That’s what Ashlie Simpson, 31, of Colorado, claimed. She said that her employer Colorado Christian University fired her because of her lifestyle: "I was shocked to learn that CCU was [...]

Man in Bender Helmet Proposes to Girlfriend in Binary

(Video Link) You don’t speak binary? That’s okay. The bride-to-be explains what happened: My boyfriend told me I had to close my laptop for a couple minutes, then when I logged back on this was posted to my facebook wall. He sat across the room as I transcribed and then decoded it. After about a half hour [...]

The Lying App

And the more she lies about the fake boyfriend, the more it beeps. This Twaggie was illustrated from a Tweet by @SEAempire. See more Twaggies at GoComics. Link

1987 Matthew Perry Sitcom Predicted Qaddafi’s 2011 Death

Before he was Carol Seaver’s boyfriend on Growing Pains (and that Friends thing), Matthew Perry was in a series called Second Chance. Someone over on reddit remembered the show, which aired on Fox in 1987-88 (though the name was changed to Boys Will Be Boys in the middle of the season), and pointed out that [...]

G-Male is Google’s New Boyfriend Feature

(Video Link) Google is now offering its boyfriend feature to selected users. G-Male is the perfect boyfriend. He knows everything about you! Everything. Don’t worry about the screenshot displayed. This video from Comediva is completely safe. Link -via Joe Carter

Surfing Trooper

Rebecca Noéh and her boyfriend are on a trip around the world, currently in Bali and soon heading to Australia. They are posting photos from their travels on a Tumblr blog. Oh, and they put on a Storm Trooper helmet for every picture! Link -Thanks, Becca!

Grow A Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Grow A Boyfriend | Grow A Girlfriend – $1.95 Psst! Want a boyfriend/girlfriend? With these nifty gifts from the NeatoShop, the perfect man/woman is just a dunk in the water away. No dating, no pesky arguments, and best of all – no in-laws: Simply add water to grow your own heartthrob! Perfect for a Valentine’s Day [...]

Doctor Who Nesting Dolls

Molly Lewis made these nesting dolls as a present for her boyfriend. They depict all eleven Doctors from Doctor Who and a TARDIS. Link via Technabob

Blanket Statement

Or maybe in this case, you could say “statement blanket”! Julie made this warm and funny pun blanket that really makes a statement for her boyfriend’s birthday gift. Over the summer, my boyfriend and I were making up puns based on bedding (“post-modern four-post bed” and the ilk) and came up with “blanket statement blanket.” It [...]