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Steampunk Box With Compass

  Steampunk Box With Compass  Have you been endlessly searching for the perfect spot to store your most prized steampunk baubles? You need the Steampunk Box With Compass from the NeatoShop. This fabulous little container is decorated in steampunk-style and features beautiful hand painted details. The lid showcases a working compass.   Be sure to check out the [...]

Fluttershy Bird Choir Music Box Automaton

(Video Link) Yeeehaw! Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic premiered last night! I haven’t seen it yet. Have you? Is it as awesome as we’ve been told? In the meantime, enjoy this perfectly crafted music box/automaton by renegadecow. His previous work showed Twilight Sparkle reading. This one far suprasses that marvel. It’s a hand cranked [...]

Re-Envisioned Cereal Box Characters

Are you tired of your cereal box mascots looking all cute and cuddly? Looking for a box that has more machismo, to match your ferocious outlook on life? Well, look no further than these re-envisioned cereal boxes by artist Guillermo Fajardo. He’s bringing the madness to a world hungry for “goodnees in fruit-flavor corn puff.” Mmmmmm….delicious and [...]

Pandora’s Box Pill Box

Pandora’s Box Pill Box – $12.95 Are you a classical Greek mythology buff with a sense of humor? You need the Pandora’s pill box from the NeatoShop. This fantastic little container features a woman opening a box and letting evils out into the world. Inside the box reads the word “Hope.”  Be sure to check out the [...]

Woman finds perfectly round chicken egg

32-year-old Cassie Greenhill was astonished to discover a spherical egg in a standard box of one dozen. Cassie was about to cook up an omelet for her …

Soft Kitty Lunch Box

Soft Kitty Lunch Box – $15.95 Attention The Big Bang Theory fans! Behold the purr-fect lunch box! This adorarble tin box features a super cute soft kitty graphic that just makes you want to purr, purr, purr.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Lunch Boxes and fantastic The Big Bang Theory items. Link 

A Little Box Of Treasures From Disneyland

Even though this may look like a box full of junk, Disney Imagineer Fritz would rather think of it as a case containing pleasant memories and important artifacts from his time working at Disneyland. Fritz has been sharing his little box of wonders with the world via his blog since 2010, and even though the items [...]

Fruity Pebbles Donuts

In a delicious rebellion against adulthood, the bloggers at We Are Not Martha bought a box of Fruity Pebbles–the Flintstones-themed sugary cereal–and put it to good use. They baked pebbles into the donut batter and sprinkled them generously on the icing. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

What’s in the ParaNorman Mystery Box?

Woohoo! It’s good to be a blogger sometimes. The good folks at Laika, the animation studio that created ParaNorman, sent us this ParaNorman mystery box. A little googling will tell you that other blogs received similar mystery boxes (I particularly like John Struan’s ParaNorman Box #3). What do you think is inside? Let’s have a bit of [...]

The Necronombox Custom Sculpted Boombox

This Necronomicon inspired boom box was made by Josh Marlar, and it may make your party guests a bit squeamish when you bust it out for an impromptu late night karaoke session in the kitchen. It uses a Lil’G Mini Boombox as the basic structure, then Josh sculpted the horrifying features out of Sculpey. The eyes are [...]