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Let’s Make Spin Art!

It’s Saturday. It’s summer. Let’s make some Spin Art, shall we? Abraham De La Torre Makes Exquisite Spin Art Abraham De La Torre is an American painter who specializes in Spin Art. He’s even listed on Wikipedia’s Spin Art page in the “Fine Art” section. Here’s one of his Spin Art demos (there [...]

The Human Bowling Ball

In this inflatable bowling alley, the player gets inside the transparent bowling ball and maneuvers it to knock down six five-foot-tall foam pins. Man, this looks like fun! Too bad the product page at Hammacher Schlemmer says it’s for kids ages 5-12, that might mean it’s a bit small. If they made it large enough [...]

Carved Bowling Balls

Your professor has given a heavy reading assignment: a famous architectural manual carved into a bowling ball. Eddy Sykes made this and similar sculptures in reflection of his blue collar upbringing as well as his architectural training. Link -via Gizmodo | Artist’s Website

18 Metaphors & Analogies Found in Actual Student Papers (Or Not—But They’re Still Hilarious)

Okay, so we can’t be 100% positive that these are from “actual” student papers. But Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, thinks so and I tend to believe him. Let us know which is the best (worst?) in the comments below! 1. His thoughts tumbled in his head, making and breaking alliances like underpants in a dryer [...]


Yes, it’s a bowling ball. It just looks like the head of a zombie! Artist Oliver Paass painted a set of these balls that were then placed in German bowling alleys to advertise a TV channel specializing in horror films. Link -via @johncfarrier

World’s Largest Labyrinth Game Is Played with a Bowling Ball

(Video Link) Have you ever played one of those labyrinth games where you’re trying to move a marble around a wooden maze by altering its pitch? This is a giant version which is played with a bowling ball and controlled with a tablet computer. It was on display yesterday at Google’s I/O Conference. Link via Popular Science [...]

Remote-control Bowling Ball

At one time or another, everyone wishes they could control a bowling ball after it leaves his/her hand. The RC900 remote-control bowling ball makes that dream come true! A weight in a threaded shaft inside the ball determines its direction, and the user controls the weight. The purpose of the ball is to give young [...]