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Football Whoopie Pies

Are you ready for some football? Then make these for your Super Bowl party. Laura McGlynn baked pumpkin cake batter in an egg mold pan. After they cooled, she split the egg-shaped cakes in half and decorated them with frosting. Link -via Foodbeast

Owl Snack Bowl

Owl Snack Bowl – $14.95 Are you looking for an owlfully cute treat dish? You need the very delightful Owl Snack Bowl from the NeatoShop. The container is shaped like a bird’s nest and features an adorable owl hiding inside. This little bowl is a real hoot!    Be sure to swoop over to the NeatoShop for [...]

The Oval Office Apple Bowl

The president keeps a bowl of apples in the Oval Office, which ends up in a lot of photographs -forty of them in this collection gleaned from the White House Flickr photostream. You have to wonder if anyone ever eats one of the apples, or slips one in their pocket. And who’s in charge of [...]

Intruder Thwarted

(Live Leak link) What a great watch cat! Though… I suspect that the cat wouldn’t care a bit if the raccoon made off with the jewelry or the fruit bowl or the camera. He was probably just defending his food bowl. -via Buzzfeed

The Late Movies: Bill Cosby, Himself

If I think long and hard about the first thing that I found truly funny, it’s stand-up comedy. (Which is especially odd because I don’t even like stand-up comedy.) The first stand-up I saw was a VHS tape of Bill Cosby, Himself. Cosby taped the show in 1983 in Ontario and he cracks jokes about [...]

6 Reasons People Gave Up Their Super Bowl Rings

Courtesy of SCP Auctions Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor’s ring from Super Bowl XXV fetched $230,401 in an auction over the weekend. Over the years, several athletes and at least one owner have relinquished ownership of their championship bling for various reasons. Here are some examples. 1. Because a Little Girl Made You In 2008, New [...]

About Slacklining

Andy Lewis performed a slacklining routine during the Super Bowl halftime show, and amazed the audience. If slacklining is new to you, you can find out all about this extreme sport (or is it an art?) in an interview with climbing legend Dean Potter at National Geographic News Watch. Oh, yeah, that’s him in the [...]

Timeline of The Best Super Bowl Ads

Do you watch the Super Bowl for the sports or the commercials? Back in the 1960s, a 30-second ad spot cost about $42,000. Now, it’s $3.5 million, a whopping 8,300% increase. And something that costs that much money ought [...]

Super Bowl Talking Points For Football Newbies

So, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and you’ve gotten yourself invited to a football party but you know next to nothing about the sport or the two teams playing. What to do? Don’t worry, BuzzFeed has got your back! Here are some [...]

A Brief History of the Super Bowl Broadcast

© Anthony J. Causi/Icon SMI/Corbis Sunday will mark the 17th time that NBC has broadcast the Super Bowl, tying it with CBS for the most in NFL history. Here’s a brief history of the Super Bowl on TV. The AFL-NFL World Championship Game Simulcast In 1967, NBC and CBS simulcast the first Super Bowl between the Kansas City [...]