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A Delightful Children’s Math Sweater

Granted, making your child wear this sweater to school will almost certainly result in his getting bullied -if not beaten up outright. Even so, it’s still a pretty impressive design when it comes to working in math equations. The main body of the sweater is a pattern of adding numbers in block shapes. There are also [...]

Mysteries of ‘mummified mermaid’

University students are attempting to get to the bottom of a hoaxed mermaid made in the 19th century. Known as the Buxton Mermaid, the creation is com…

Funny and Rude UK Place Names

You knew there were some provocative place names in the United Kingdom. Now we have a definitive (and long) list of funny place names in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all in one place. Here is a small sample: Titley Close, London Swallow Passage, London Bachelors Bump, Essex, UK Crapstone, Devon Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire Golden Balls, Oxfordshire, UK Hornyold Road, [...]

How the Bottoms-Up Beer Dispenser Works

(Video Link) Last month, I linked to the above video and wondered how this beer dispenser could work. My guess was that the dispenser pushed open a perforated hole in the bottom. Now we have a confirmed explanation: The cup features a small hole at the bottom, covered up by a circular magnet. Pressurized beer lifts the [...]

NeatoHub Squid

I realize that if you go peruse the NeatoHub, you’re probably looking for more great links and you might not make it all the way down to the bottom of the page. I did, and was delighted by the artwork by Adam Koford (Apelad), so I thought you might enjoy it as well.

Bionic Butt

His friends call him “the man with the bionic bottom.” Ged Galvin permanently lost control of his colon after a motorcycle accident. But surgeons moved one of his knee muscles to his colon and attached electrodes to it. He can clench or unclench it with a remote control that he carries in his pocket: “They call [...]

Cable Train Runs on the Weight of Sewage

Kris at Low Tech Magazine explains how furniculars, those cable trains that were built up the sides of hills and mountains, often ran on water! The two cars were connected by cables, so you added 400 gallons of water to the one at the top, to make it heavy enough to roll down the hill while [...]