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Combination Flashlight/Handgun, c.1922

Many modern handguns come with rails for mounting accessories, including lights. This object, patented by S.P. Cottrell & Son, is an early attempt to provide both illumination and protection. It’s a .22-caliber 7-shot revolver built onto a heavy flashlight. The trigger is folded along the bottom. Link -via Pocket Pistols, Historic Firearms & Curiosities | Photo: Gregg [...]

Marvel Comics Posters At Their Most Minimal

Superheroes are hitting the big screen hard these days, and comic books are more popular and finely illustrated than ever before. So what’s missing? How about a minimalist approach to the symbolism behind the heroes, the logos as art with a vintage poster appeal. Take a gander at these pop art inspired poster designs by [...]

I Can Has History?

You see here only a small portion of a much larger graphic showing a timeline, or maybe a family tree, of famous LOLcats we all know and love. Happycat, who was the first to ask for a cheeseburger, is at the top and lots of his progeny are at the bottom. Link -via Gorilla Mask