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Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

Vampire Wine Bottle Holder (wine not included) Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Are you facing sleeplessness, fear, and dread over what gift to give your beloved? Show your loved one that you are really someone they can count on with the Vampire Wine Bottle Holder from the NeatoShop. This beautiful and practical sculpture really [...]

Baby and Bottle Salt & Pepper Shakers

  Baby and Bottle Salt & Pepper Shakers  The new year is here. Are you hoping to add a new bundle of joy to your kitchen table? You need the angelic Baby and Bottle Salt & Pepper Shakers from the NeatoShop. This adorable glazed ceramic set features a baby kissing a milk bottle. Magnets hold the shakers [...]

Bottle Ninja

No bottle is safe from the Will "Bottle Ninja" Keith. No bottles, you hear? NO BOTTLES! Watch the master annihilate 81 water bottles in this compilation video clip: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] [...]

What was the oldest message in a bottle ?

A 98-year-old scrap of paper was discovered in a bottle caught in the nets of a Shetland Isles skipper. Far from being a call for help from a shipwrec…

30,000 Bottle Caps Decorate Her Home

Oh, look! She’s got folk art murals all over her house! But look closer -those pixels that make up the murals are common bottle caps! Olga Kostina, of the Siberian village of Kamarchaga, Russia, collected the bottle caps and created the artwork by hammering in each cap over many years. See lots more pictures of [...]

Eyeball Light Up Bottle Stopper

Eyeball Light Up Bottle Stopper – $12.95 (sold individually) Halloween is right around the corner. Are you worried that ghouls and goblins after your favorite bottle of liquid courage? Keep an eye on your precious bottle of wine with the Eyeball Light Up Bottle Stopper from the NeatoShop. The Eyeball lights with with a LED Light. [...]

The Missing Links: Baby Diets Have Changed a Lot Since the ’50s

A Nice Cool Bottle of 7UP. A Baby Bottle of 7UP, That Is. “For 7Up is so pure, so wholesome, you can even give it to babies and feel good about it.” Oh, 1950s advertising, you’re the worst. * Going Beyond Chess Have you ever played any of these 10 super-involved strategy games? * Another College Class [...]

Pirate’s Grog Barrel Water Bottle

Pirate’s Grog Barrel Water Bottle – $39.95 (sold individually) Being a pirate is thirsty work. Make sure you stay properly hydrated with the Pirate’s Grog Barrel Water Bottle from the NeatoShop. This fantastic water bottle is perfect for taking on wonderful adventures in search of buried treasure.  The Pirate’s Grog Barrel Water Bottle is proudly handcrafted by [...]

11 Commercials for Defunct ’90s Food and Drinks

Back in the 90s, you could buy any of these things. You could get them all at the same time if you wanted. Now you can’t get any of these products, unless you want to shell out too much cash for a 15-year-old bottle of Orbitz on eBay. 1. Astropop 2. Butterfinger BBs 3. Lifesavers Holes 4. Carefree Sugarless [...]

Tentacle Wine Bottle Stopper

Tentacle Wine Bottle Stopper (sold individually) $9.95 You know what goes great with Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Riesling wines? A little tentacle. Tentacle Wine Bottle Stopper from the [...]