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Password Check

Captchas are there so you can prove you are a person instead of a ‘bot. But what if you fail the test? They can be pretty hard! Frank Lesser, who writes for The Colbert Report, expresses his frustration with captchas in a column in the New York Times that you might relate to. Link -via [...]

Lego Robot Makes Mickey Mouse Pancakes

When I was a kid I made spaceships and little robots that fell apart when I played with them out of my Lego sets. Now in an ever continuing trend of cool yet useful things people are making with Legos, designer “Mexican Viking” has made a Lego Robot that can make pancakes. “Ninety-nine percent Lego, [...]

POLYRO Robot is Open Source Geekery at its Finest

Robots are cool and all around the country and world lots of students, engineers and researchers are hard at work perfecting the human machine interface, and robots are the focus of much of that study. A new bot has been unveiled called POLYRO – short for oPen sOurce friendLY RObot. The designer of the bot [...]

Another Beggar Bot: DONA

The beggar bot arms race has finally begun. In addition to DON-8r we saw earlier on Neatorama, there’s another beggin’ bot afoot: here’s DONA, an “urban donation motivating robot” which looks cute while asking you for alms. Fast Company has the story: If robots like DONA became popular, then we would quickly become immune to their charms, [...]