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Meme Junkyard: Technoviking

Photo: Paul Greenwood In 2007, Technoviking took YouTube by storm (What? Don’t know who Technoviking is? You poor thing! Don’t fret – we’ve got his videoclip at the end of this post). Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Iraqi-born artist Wafaa Bilal [...]

10 Marvelously Minute Miniatures

Birmingham-born artist Willard Wigan has been working in miniatures since he was a young boy. But these aren’t just any miniatures, his work is so miniature, it can barely be seen by the naked eye! Check out my favorites below, or more of his work over on his Web site here.

Phone Book Sculpture

Instead of throwing out those ubiquitous phone books (who uses ‘em anymore?), try turning them into art. That’s what Taiwanese-born artist Chen Long-bin did with unused phone books, newspapers, magazines and discarded books. Toxel has the gallery: Link