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Batman Bookshelves

Fahmi Sami’s bookshelves are perfect for your own Batcave library. They’re modeled on the logo from The Dark Knight trilogy. He also produces another set that juxtaposes this logo with a 1960s version. Link -via Technabob

Skull Bookshelves

James Hopkins brings memento mori art to your bookshelf: take a look at the Vanitas series, where he carefully arranged certain objects to create the illusion of skulls on bookshelves. Laughing Squid has the gallery: [...]

Longcat Monitor Sitter

Longcat Monitor Sitter – $11.95 You don’t have to surf the web alone! The Longcat Monitor Sitter from the NeatoShop is there for you, patiently waiting with [...]

Dream Bookshelf

I should ask Jill to seriously add this to her fun 18 Seriously Cool Bookshelves and Bookcases post on Neatorama. Behold the Dream Bookshelf by Dripta Roy: Link


(YouTube link) This bookshelf designed by Corentin Dombrecht is purr-fect for a home with cats -since they are going to climb your bookshelves anyway! The wood is unpainted and unvarnished to prevent a cat from slipping, and there’s a built-in cat hammock on the top. The Cat-Library™ doesn’t seem to be available for sale -yet, but [...]