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Going On Now: NeatoShop Cyber Monday Mystery Bonus

Hello Neatoramanauts – Just a reminder that we’re in our last day of NeatoShop Mystery Bonus special! Every order placed till the end of today, Cyber Monday Nov 26, 2012 (at midnight PST) will get a free mystery [...]

NeatoShop Cyber Monday Mystery Bonus

Hello Neatoramanauts! Just a reminder that we’re having a Black Friday to Cyber Monday Mystery Bonus going on over at the NeatoShop! Every order placed till the end of Monday, Nov 26, 2012 (PST) will automatically receive a Free Mystery Bonus. What will [...]

NeatoShop Weekend Deal: Mystery Bonus on Select T-Shirts

Psst! Do you love to wear funny T-shirts? Then you’d love this limited weekend deal from the NeatoShop. On Saturday and Sunday July 7 and 8, 2012, select T-shirts from the NeatoShop will [...]

Stick Bomb

(YouTube link) They made a stick bomb with 1,000 popsicle sticks! As a bonus, we also get to see them “re-assemble” as the video plays in reverse. In case you’d like to try it yourself, Instructables has the directions. Link -via reddit

Matchbox Gardens

I can’t keep a full-size garden alive, but maybe I’d do better with something on a smaller scale. That’s why I love Another Studio for Design’s Matchbox Gardens. Kind of a modern take on the Chia Pet, Matchbox Gardens use cress seed, an easy-to-grow seed that will germinate year-round. Bonus: you can eat the plant [...]

The Baddest Cereal Mascot EVAR!

What do you get when you cross Cap’n Crunch with Captain Morgan? The baddest cereal mascot EVAR! (Bonus: Toucan Sam!) From deviantART user ninjaink – via Popped Culture

Neatorama Christmas Special: Buckyballs

Hopside Down Beer Bottle in a Glass – $19.95 Borrow My Pen – Humorous Pens everyone will want to borrow! – $6.45 Road Mice Computer Mouse – shaped like your favorite cars! Buckyballs: Buckyballs (w/ Mystery Bonus) Today’s the last day to order for Christmas with regular delivery (for US destinations), so if you’ve spotted [...]

Neatorama Christmas Special

This Christmas, skip the long lines and hassles of going to the mall. Neatorama’s got your covered: you’ll get a free Mystery Bonus with every purchase of select items in our Christmas Special (while supplies last, no rainchecks). New items are added regularly ’til Christmas, so check back often! Your purchase helps support the blog. [...]