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Epic R/C Race

Growing up, I loved pretty much anything that was remote controlled. I would race cars, play this video game where you pretended to have a remote control airplane, even tried to turn my model boat into a r/c racing ship (alas, she sunk within seconds of launch). So excuse me for loving this video. Bonus points [...]

10 Memorable Quotes from Video Game History

Just like movie buffs and bookworms, avid gamers have favorite memorable quotes that only others with shared interests will recognize. And though I disagree that number one on this list is more memorable than number five (“You have died of dysentery,” from Oregon Trail), it is a good cross-section of notable gaming quotables. (Bonus points [...]

Guitar Heroes

DevantART member biotwist took a simple visual pun and made it really interesting. Can you name all the superheroes represented here? Big bonus points if you can identify all the guitars by their shapes, too! Link -via Tastefully Offensive

Neatorama ‘Pin To Win’ Contest

This is going to be FUN for Pinterest members (established and new)! And maybe something we do pretty frequently, depending on how many of you get involved. So here’s how it works: 1) Put together a wishlist board of items from the Neatoshop – stuff you really want, badly (minumum 5 items, but no max) 2) Be [...]

Jon Ronson’s “Psychopath Test”

In this decidedly spooky TED Talk, Jon Ronson explains his journey to understand mental illness, which brought him to a prison for the criminally insane to interview a very sanely-dressed possible psychopath, then brought him to “Chainsaw Al” Dunlap, whose house was “like Narnia.” The whole thing is engaging, challenging, and makes me really [...]

Film By Numbers Quiz- 13 Movies In 30 Seconds

(YouTube Link) This boldly stylized animated short is by Evan Seitz, who you may remember from his recent release ABCinema, which challenged you to figure out the movie based on letters (link). This time around, Evan wants you to figure it all out by number, with bonus points for figuring them all out from just one viewing. –via [...]

YouTube Slam!

No Christmas vacations at the Google HQ this year, it seems. They’ve just released a major product called Slam, which pits two random videos against each other. You vote on the one you like best and get bonus points if it’s the more popular of the two. What’s more, you can watch vids in a [...]

Taxonomy of Professional Westlers’s Names

The crack research team at Pop Chart Lab has created an detailed chart depicting the different types of names by professional wrestlers are known. Pictured above is only a small selection; go to the link to view the entire chart. Bonus points if you can find out the name that Alex used when he was [...]

The 15 Greatest Pairs of Henchmen

There are only so many hours in the day, and if you’re an evil villain, there’s too much dirty work to do. So you get a henchman. But you can’t just let him out there all alone. It’s a big dark scary world, and he barely even has a name, much less any characterization! He needs [...]