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How Moby Dick Cleaned Up The Rhine

by Michael Ward In 1966, a beluga whale swam the wrong way up the Rhine—and wound up paving the way for environmental reform in Germany. When World War II finally came to an end, Germany was in shambles. Its cities had been transformed into forests of twisted steel and broken concrete, and the German people were [...]

Altruism May Be a Genetically-Influenced Quality

Researchers at the University of Bonn have found that people with a certain gene are more likely to be altruistic. The researchers took a genetic sample from study participants, and then asked them to participate in a quiz on memory retention. For this, participants were given five Euros, and invited to donate that amount to [...]

Pitch of Cat Calls Varies with a Cat Species’ Territory

Why do lions have a loud, deep growl and house cats a high meow? It’s not because of the relative size of the animals, but the relative size of their territories: Dr Gustav Peters and Dr Marcell Peters at the Alexander Koenig Zoological Research Museum in Bonn, Germany analysed the average frequencies of long-distance calls made [...]

A Brief History of Gummy Bears

Ever since I can remember, I have been a confirmed gummy bear addict. I love gummy bears, particularly Haribo’s Gold Bears and Happy Cola (it does make me happy), but I’ll even deal in Trolli in a pinch. Of course, that the little, fruit-flavored gelatin bears are addictive shouldn’t be surprising—after all, in 1997, tobacco [...]