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Ice Age bone haul found near Mexico City

Workers have uncovered a significant number of bones belonging to several Ice Age animal species. The discoveries were made at the site of a new waste…

Game of Thrones Theme Sung by a Dog

(Video Link) Will you take all of the risks that come with playing the Game of Bones? If so, then pay the kibble price. You may eventually lay upon the Iron Couch. -via Geekosystem 

Mona Lisa’s skeleton found ?

A complete skeleton discovered beneath a nunnery in Italy could belong to the Mona Lisa herself. The bones were unearthed below an altar within the de…

5 Questions: The ‘Don’ of Man

No bones about it, Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz is titled: The ‘Don’ of Man

Evidence supports John the Baptist bones

Remains discovered in a 5th century monastary are thought to belong to John the Baptist himself. The bones were found embedded in an altar on the Svet…

AT&T Reaches Out And Transmits Data With Your Bone

This sure puts a new spin on AT&T’s old slogan "reach out and touch someone": AT&T Labs has been working on a bioacoustic system that could allow your cell phone or other device [...]


(YouTube link) ECCEROBOT is an anthropomimetic robot, built with bones, muscles, and tendons to move the way humans do. And it does, which is creepy enough, but that face will haunt your dreams. Link -via The Daily What Geek

Bike Parkour

(YouTube link) Do NOT try this at home! Andrew Dickey is an expert, and there’s no telling how many bones he broke getting to this level. Oh, and there’s a chance of vertigo just from watching this video. -via BroBible

Engineers pioneer 3D printer for bones

The new printer produces a bone-like material that will aid in the repairing of serious injuries. The ‘bones’ created using the device won’t be able t…

‘Skin bones’ helped dinosaurs survive

Some dinosaurs may have stored vital minerals in bones encased within their skin, it has been revealed. Known as osteoderms, these “skin bones” would …