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Bone-eating Zombie Worms

In 2002, scientists from the the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) discovered deep-sea worms that feasted on, and helped dispose of, skeletons of whales and other large sea animals. The worms belong to the Osedax family and extracted nutrients from bones without any means of drilling into them. Scientists were perplexed when they only discovered [...]

Bone Telescope

The 18th century telescope above, found in an excavation in Amsterdam, is quite unusual: it’s made of bone. Ranging in length from roughly 3 to 5 inches (80 to 140 millimeters), the telescopes were made using cattle metatarsal bone. [...]

Mammoth Cloning "within 5 years"

Scientists know how to do it. Cloning the extinct mammoth is just a matter of inserting mammoth DNA into an elephant egg cell, prodding it to divide into more cells, and implanting it into an elephant for gestation. Russian scientist Semyon Grigoriev announced a joint Russian/Japanese project to do it starting next year, using the [...]

Mammoths could be cloned within five years

Scientists have indicated that woolly mammoths could walk the Earth again by as early as 2016. The announcement comes after well-preserved bone marrow…

Newest Indie Comic Reboot-Bone The Barbarian

Was Bone too cute and cuddly for you? Wishing he were a giant pile of muscles wielding a massive sword while saving bikini clad babes? ComicsAlliance has answered your prayers with their latest indie comic reboot-Bone the Barbarian! Here’s a taste of what Bone is like in a sword and sorcery setting: Exiled from his homeland [...]

Skeleton Shaving

An electric razor that shaves close to the bone! This x-ray, featured at Modern Mechanix, was taken in 1941, back when x-ray scientists and technicians didn’t bother wearing lead aprons and spent their spare time coming up weird things they could x-ray. Link -via J-Walk Blog (Image credit: L. F. Ehrke, Westinghouse Research Lamp Laboratories)

14 foot ‘wombat’ complete skeleton found

Diprotodon would have weighed around 3 tons and wandered Australia up to two million years ago. A previously discovered bone fragment showed signs tha…

Engraved Fossil May Be North America’s Oldest Art

An engraved bone, believed to be from a mastodon, giant sloth or mammoth, may be the oldest example of primitive art ever found in the Americas. The carved bone features the depiction of an ancient mammoth, and was discovered by an amateur fossil hunter in Florida, in an area near Vero Beach where other mammoth [...]

Bionic Funny Bone Transplant

Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic … funny bone? Here’s the story of 8-year-old Josalyn Kaldenberg, who became the first child in the USA to receive the funny bone transplant, a landmark procedure that saved her arm from amputation: Just a few months ago, [...]

DNA test to help solve Earhart mystery

Researchers are hoping to determine whether a bone found on Nikumaroro is from the famed aviator. To do this DNA samples are to be collected from the …