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US planned to detonate nuke on the Moon

During the Cold War the United States considered lanching and detonating a nuclear bomb on the Moon. The plan was aimed at intimidating the Soviets by…

New York City’s Mad Bomber and His Patriotic Break

On November 16, 1940, an unattended wooden toolbox was discovered on a windowsill in the Consolidated Edison Company Building at 4 Irving Place in Manhattan. The headquarters of the utility giant is huge, taking up an entire block, and it was bustling that day. No one had seen who left the box behind, where they [...]

WWII Bomb Discovered, Detonated in Munich

On August 27, construction workers in Munich discovered an American bomb from World War II inside an old bar that was being cleared for new construction. The bomb weighed 550 pounds and bore an “unusual fuse,” operated by a chemical reaction rather than a mechanical switch. Because the bomb was unsafe to transport, [...]

5 Questions: Da ‘Bomb’

Today’s 5 Questions quiz is Da ‘Bomb’

Are You Ready For A Party Down Movie?

Everyone is still buzzing about the news that the Arrested Development movie is finally in the works  after years of discussion, but in the aftermath of that bomb, it was easy to miss the news about another cult classic show becoming a movie as well. While not as many people are familiar with Party Down, [...]

Stick Bomb

(YouTube link) They made a stick bomb with 1,000 popsicle sticks! As a bonus, we also get to see them “re-assemble” as the video plays in reverse. In case you’d like to try it yourself, Instructables has the directions. Link -via reddit

One Man Against Tyranny

You may be familiar with Claus von Stauffenberg, who conspired to kill Hitler with a bomb and who’s plot was the basis for the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie. But do you know about the many other attempts on Hitler’s life? One involved Georg Elser, who worked alone for a year on a plan to destroy [...]

Who Forgot About Dre: Pretty Much the Best Flowchart Ever

Maybe the best flowchart I’ve ever seen. I’ve cropped it to hide a couple of explicit words, but if you’re not offended by an F-Bomb or two, be sure to check out the whole thing over at Pop Chart Lab. Link via GoFugYourself

Cats in Tanks – Felines Take Over the World

Cats in Tanks from Whitehouse Post on Vimeo. Cat’s in Tanks is the feline epic that shows cats in tanks with lasers. Win. NSFW language when the lady screams the f-bomb. link

Cupcake Bath Bomb

Cupcake Bath Bomb – $9.95 The Cupcake Bath Bomb from the NeatoShop, because you are cupcake crazy! Do you love cupcakes so much that you secretly wish you could bathe in their sweet smelling goodness? No, we don’t think you are weird. In fact, the Cupcake Bath Bomb from the NeatoShop was made for someone just like [...]