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Double Exposure Lightning Photo

Photo: Richard Gottardo Photographer and storm-chaser Richard Gottardo snapped this "one in a million shot" of a lightning bolt striking a tree. PetaPixel has the story: Photographing a lightning strike from close-up is a difficult [...]

The Late Movies: Usain Bolt Is the Fastest Man Ever

Today, the fastest man ever turns 27 years old. Olympic hero, Usain Bolt was born in Jamaican on this day in 1986. He is the first man to hold both the 100┬ámetres and 200┬ámeters world records since fully automatic time measurements became mandatory in 1977. Basically, he should serve as everyone’s inspiration to get off [...]

‘Freak’ lightning strike kills builder

Bricklayer Justin Feber was on his lunch break when he was struck dead by a bolt from the blue. Colleagues reported seeing a flash and hearing a loud …

Girl, 10, struck by lightning through window

A 10-year-old was left shaken after a lightning bolt hit her shoulder while she was sitting at a window. Its not the first place you think of at which…

Fastest Cat for the Fastest Man

Usain Bolt, who holds the world record for both the 100- and 200-meter sprint, adopted a cheetah named Lightning Bolt, but he isn’t going to make the cheetah into a house cat. Bolt paid $13,700 for adoption rights, and has pledged $3,000 a year for the cat’s upkeep at a wildlife center in Nairobi. The [...]