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The Origins of Weird State Park Names (Part Three)

When you see these names, you tend to say to yourself, “Does that mean what it sounds like?” In most cases, no. Bong You’ve seen the sign, if not from the highway in Wisconsin, then on the internet. And you’ve heard the jokes about “recreation” involving either a water pipe for marijuana, or more recently a funnel [...]

Abe-Borg-Ham Lincoln Tattoo

You will be emancipated. Resistance is futile. Chris Krahn of Boise Tattoo made this tattoo for Michael Vellotti. Krahn’s website is worth a look. He has some really interesting pieces of work there, including one of Benjamin Franklin as an Old West robber. Link | Artist’s Website

Calling All Interns!

If you’re a great writer overflowing with brilliant ideas for stories and quizzes and you’ll be in the New York area this summer, you could be our next intern! You probably have a few questions. Let’s take them one by one. So, what does a mental_floss intern do? Lots of writing. Mainly for, but you’ll be [...]

Who Was John Heisman, and Why Does He Get a Trophy?

As the college football season rolls on, the favorites for the Heisman Trophy are beginning to pull away from the pack. Auburn’s Cam Newton and Boise State’s Kellen Moore may be dreaming of hoisting the trophy in December, but before anyone brings home the hardware, let’s answer a few questions about John Heisman and his [...]

The Late Movies: Memorable College Football Plays

In honor of tonight’s BCS National Championship game, tonight’s Late Movies take a look at some memorable college football plays. In this year’s Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, undefeated Boise State met undefeated TCU. Late in a tie ballgame, Boise elected to go with a fake punt, which eventually set up the winning score (skip to the 0:53 [...]

How the 10 Schools in BCS Bowls Got Their Nicknames

If the BCS rankings factored a school’s nickname into its formula—and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy’s final pass of Saturday’s Big 12 Championship Game had fluttered in the air for one second longer—Alabama would probably be playing the TCU Horned Frogs in the national championship game. As it is, the Crimson Tide will square off against [...]